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Buying a power boat in Cyprus

Posted by evansgo - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Rosie S - 8 years ago

The bill of Sale should be completed by the previous owner or dealer. You will need to supply a copy of your passport and a form of proof of address that you want the boat registered to, a utilities bill, Developers contract etc. The Vendor then takes the Bill of Sale to a certified officer....harder to find than hens teeth in some areas!

The MS21 should be filled out by yourself verifying the vessel name and specifications along with your details and sent off at the same time. The cost of registering the boat to the new owner is €34.17 this is usually paid by the previous owner so as to make sure it has been done.

The boat needs a VHF radio, best to check paperwork to see if radio licence is current as fee is in accordance with this.

On receipt of the NOTE OF RECORD (log book) and radio licence you will receive a letter of 'financial obligation' to organise the safety inspection. On sending your cheque to the Shipping Department (this can be paid at the time of transfer to speed things up). You then contact the company who are given on the letter and arrange an appointment. You must show that you have all the necessary safety equipment and the boat is sea worthy at this point.

If all is okay you will receive your circulation licence (two small green laminated documents) which will be valid for 5 years.

Safety inspections are manditory on each transfer of ownership.

All documents can be downloaded from the Department of Shipping Cyprus website. Look under small vessels then down loads.

The ladies who work at the Shipping Department are very helpful and can talk you thorugh everything.

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Posted by cyprusanton - 8 years ago

Hi Gareth, buying a boat is on the surface simple, just the same as buying a car but like the car there are several things to comply with. The bill of sale needs to be clear and comply with the Department of merchant shipping regs, you then need to have the boat registered in your name by sending the appropriate documents to D of M Shipping. If you are trailering the boat your car insurance needs to cover trailers, and the trailer has to be registered with its own log book, department of transport for this one.

To operate the boat you need a cyprus powerboat licence, apply via the D of M shipping again, without the licence you face severe penalties if you use the boat, but in a similar way to cars you can be accompanied by someone who has the licence whilst you learn. It is also advisable to undertake the RYA course which you can do at several venues.

The Boat should be insured, to cover transporting, theft etc, but more importantly in case there is an accident at sea as the costs could be very high. You will also need a radio and licence to use it and an extensive list of equipment in order to obtain the 'circulation licence' which again is a legal requirement and without which you could face heavy fines by the marine police who do check you.

Two stroke engines are becoming unacceptable these days so be wary of cheap offers on these although some new ones are low emisions.

Sounds a lot but it is worth the effort, have fun Tony