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From food, to wine, to art, to fashion, to politics, to sport, to music – there’s not much that France hasn’t left its mark on. Located in Western Europe, it is the largest EU member state and an extremely popular choice for expats from all around the world. Its capital Paris, with world famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Louvre, captures the enduring French culture that was first internationalised in the cinema of Godard and Truffaut.

To the south, sprawling beaches and endless vineyards are dotted around metropoles like Nice and Bordeaux as life takes on a more Mediterranean vibe. While Alpine cities like Grénoble in the South East play host to thousands of ski and snowboard enthusiasts every year.

Did you know


France used to be on the same timezone as Portugal and the UK, but it was moved an hour forward during the occupation to be consistent with Berlin. After the war, it was never changed back.