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ByStudor Maxi-Filtra

Stop smells from stinky septic tank (fosse septique) vent pipes in their tracks with our Maxi-Filtra activated carbon filter. Replaceable cartridge lasts up to 2 years. Simple push-fit installation. Buy online from our mail order stockists.

The ByStudor Maxi-Filtra is a two-way carbon filter, which stops nasty smells from the septic tank (fosse septique) vent pipe. It is supplied with a rubber connector which means that it can just be easily pushed into the pipe. The lid of the Maxi-Filtra simply lifts off to allow the filter to be replaced every couple of years (or when smells return). 

Studor has been established for over 40 years and we remain the only specialist manufacturer of products dedicated solely to drainage ventilation, so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to drainage!

All of our products are manufactured to the highest of international standards and are supported by our limited lifetime warranty (please see our website for full details).

The ByStudor Maxi-Filtra is supplied through a network of stockists, several of whom sell by mail order and are able to dispatch deliveries to France and other European countries.

What are you waiting for? Order your ByStudor Maxi-Filtra today and stop your septic tank smells in their tracks!

“Studor – a friendly team committed to providing the world with drainage ventilation systems developed by experts, built by perfectionists and available for all”


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