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Custom Doors, Furniture, and Specialized Wood Products

Creations en Bois is a custom woodworking business situated in central Brittany. I make one-of-a-kind doors, cabinets, shelves, fine home furniture, garden furniture and fixtures, end-grain cutting boards, and gifts in a range of wood species. 

Every project starts with an idea, and from there I assist in the design process to construct your vision. I also provide professional drawings along with your quote.

Furniture styles range from modern to antique including cottage, shaker, and federal. I make my own moldings as well as raised door panels in any combination of wood.

My passion is producing beautiful, quality pieces in wood because it is a traditional material with no two pieces that are ever identical – even within the same species. Wood is historically important, sustainable, and has a unique character that no man made material will ever have, and I believe we all need more wood in our lives and in our homes of course. I am excited about providing my clients with meaningful pieces of furniture that are lasting and something to connect with.

Please find examples of our work on our website.

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