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A dillemma for you.

Posted by Bentley-386430 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Kernowboy-10061199 - 3 years ago

I might have missed something but what has having a UK driving licence got to do with this? You can drive a car in any European country with a UK licence, that shouldn't have an effect on buying a car!

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Posted by le salvager - 3 years ago

Bought my van from a dealer in Southampton as part of the'deal' they had to drive it to Portsmouth on trade plates, drove it back here on my french insurance, prearranged of course , and had a carte gris within the month, simple , when you plan things.

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Posted by sea shore - 3 years ago

Have you contacted the DVLA to ask their advice. In the past I have bought new cars from the UK for export to another country. They have always been UK registered but had an 'export' tax disc that was, I think valid for three months. It was pink, not coloured like the normal ones were. The car had to have UK insurance but you did not have to be a UK resident. It is worth asking if there is a similar system for second hand cars.

My fear is that now that there is no road fund licence to display expats wanting to export second hand cars may run into several difficulties. The first is that garages might not release the car unless it is taxed. The second is that they will drive the car on the road in England and France without road tax. Driving in both countries is illegal unless the car conforms to the regulations in the country of its registration and to hope that you are not picked up by ANPR cameras is a big risk. If your details are picked up the traffic police are unlikely to give you the benefit of the doubt. The only country that I know of which deals with this situation well is Germany. There, if you buy a car for export, it is registered on export plates allowing it to be driven to and registered in you home country.

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Posted by Field18 - 3 years ago

Can it not be done by tax and register in your name but at a friend/relatives address. Temporary insurance can be obtained in UK to get the car to France.

Registration docs will then be sent to this address and then forwarded on to you.

I have been looking into this and it is no different to staying in UK at friend/relatives address and buying a car to use for the duration of your stay instead of hiring.

Aviva offer temporary insurance for this purpose. It might not be cheap but offers a solution.



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Posted by Bentley-386430 - 3 years ago

Thank you to everyone for their response.    I must just say while I appreciate your commentsCountrydweller/Jaykay I think you missed the point.   We went to UK to buy a car as we have done on three previous occasions during the 14 years we have lived over here,  however road tax laws have changed now so procedure if different.   Anglo Info discussions page is amongst other things a page where people can get advice from others who have experienced the same situation, therefore I am not asking for someone to 'sort out my problems' I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this situation since the change in the law.   My choice is to buy a right hand drive car in UK, , I have not asked for comments on this.  Regarding driving this car to the port on trade plates I had wondered about this, but doesn't it need to be registered in my name and with current tax?  I unerstand this is quite a problem as a lot of people buy in UK.  A lot of us (not all!!) bring loads of things back from UK, food, electrical items, furniture and clothes etc surely it is time this problem regarding bringing a vehicle over here should be sorted.   The vehicle I am buying is not easily available in France and I would probably not be able to get the model.   However it is my choice, I am paying for it so end of story regarding that.    I am still very interested in how other people did it. 

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Posted by sea shore - 3 years ago

It's great if that's changed. When I had a car registered on WW plates a couple of years ago it was a pain because I needed to pick up so things from Germany but the car wasnt allowed out of France. If WW plates are now legal out of the country they could well now be the best way to bring a 'new' car over from the UK.

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Posted by airpo - 3 years ago

sea shore, not on the one I have in front of me dated 03/06/2015 unless it's part of R322-3 du code de la route and all that says is;

II.-Les conditions d'attribution et de durée d'utilisation de ces titres provisoires de circulation sont définies par arrêté du ministre chargé des transports pris après avis du ministre de l'intérieur. (II.- The allocation conditions and duration of use of these interim securities outstanding are defined by order of the Minister of Transport issued after the interior minister.)    

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Posted by RoseB-434019 - 3 years ago

I recently bought a car in the UK  with a french licence and temporary french insurance and the garage kindly delivered it on their trailer to the ferry port for me.  Good luck!

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Posted by netaday - 3 years ago

Do you know a friendly garage owner who has trade plates that you could use to get to the port

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Posted by countrydweller - 3 years ago

Despite Fitters response I really do wonder why people go out of their way to cause problems for themselves.A bit of research would have made it clear that there are difficulties getting a car from the uk to France then there is all the hassle of reregestering etc.Why not keep it simple it is so easy to buy here and is a car  really that important that you have to put yurself through all the angst of sorting it out.Yes it is peoples choice but then do not expect others to sort it out for you.