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am i legal

Posted by abc123-412292 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by camion - 4 years ago

abc- you say you are in the middle of registering, what is stopping you from completing the process, this could have a bearing on whether or not you would get away with it, if it is circumstances beyond your control, and you have proof from the prefecture that you are indeed going through the process but for ..whatever ?

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Posted by oldminiman-10052272 - 4 years ago

Simple answer is no.  Motorists in the UK are cash cows and if caught by plod they have the authority to seize  your car Nd even crush it.  NPRC cameras are in most plod vehicles and you will be lucky to avoid being stopped.


Sadly, this Countries attitude with motorists has spoilt the pleasure of driving over here for so many.

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Posted by Rat Catcher-10052281 - 4 years ago

I'm afarid I agree with dozygirl. EU plates now are exactly that, EU plates, the style is all the same. It's only the actual numbers/letters that vary.

You can even use a white plate on the rear now.

Yes, you do run the risk of having your vehicle seized. You will have to provide proof of CT and insurance. In the meantime you'll be inconvenienced and may have to pay towing and storage fees.

Additionally, if you are registered as resident in UK, driving a foreign registered vehicle in UK is a bit of a grey area, not yet fully clarified by EU, or understood. There have been cases fought in EU court after Belgium courts ruling.

So strictly speaking, you could be reported for it and have to fight your case in a EU court, after being found guilty in a UK court.

There may be exceptions which could apply, such as working in two countries, e.g. haulage, which you'd need to seek clarification. But this does not overide the inbetween position that you find yourself in re re-registration.

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Posted by dozygirl - 4 years ago

What do you mean "have French plates made up the same as your English ones and put them on"?  Don't be so ridiculous.  You're being silly.

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Posted by chèvrefeuille - 4 years ago

Why not just do the simple thing and get it registered in France? Is there another option?

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Posted by abc123-412292 - 4 years ago

k,  so lets say i have some french plates made upthe same as my english ones , and put them on , also say i did get stoped can they take the truck away ?????????as iam insured have a ct , and a french driving ???????????????

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Posted by Rat Catcher-10052281 - 4 years ago

If you are in the process of re-registering your vehicle in France, you are intimating that it is still on UK plates, and would therefore trigger the auto-cameras, etc. You will be stopped, or at least receive a fixed penalty by post to the last known address of the vehicle. The vehicle could be seized and crushed.

You may be legal but you'll hjave to go through the bother of proving it, or pay the fine/fixed penalty. There may be a disqualification involved as well, for which you would have to appear and plead the case and the process. It ain't worth the hassle.

As far as UK DVLA is concerned, it has no insurance, not MOT and no tax. There might be other problems, such as, according to them you've made a false statement about it being exported.

Until you have French plates it is considered illegal in UK.

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Posted by notagain! - 4 years ago

I'm sure the angryinfoers will debate this until the cows come home (which might be quite some time with all the farmers on the roads). In terms of practicality I have been stopped by the UK poilce more than once in the situation you describe and as long as you can show your French insurance there is no problem.

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Posted by abc123-412292 - 4 years ago


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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 4 years ago

It's as easy as abc  ;-)