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AxA Insurance Breakdown Cover

Posted by bretonlion - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by bretonlion - 3 years ago


Thank you for all the replies ..

If their is anyone else who has a large vehicle, that has experience of a break down outside of France with any recovery service, please let me know how you got on for future reference ..

If you have a UK based recovery service, please let me know your experiences outside the UK ..

You only have to say the company .. and  .. excellent .. good .. average .. bad ..awful..

If their were extra costs did you recover them ..

Thanks again



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Posted by grumposgirl - 3 years ago

We are AXA customers - broke down in France earlier this year on a bank holiday - cant praise them enough - we phoned , they said they were very busy due to the bank holiday and the wait would be 1 hour - infact the pick up lorry / assistance arrived in around 20 minutes, got us started and followed us home. We needed to get the car to a garage the next day and were given a referance number for assistance if we needed it the following day to get to the garage.

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Posted by Tilla - 3 years ago

We used them once when broken down in Quimper.  They told us the repair man would ring us when he was on his way.

We waited an hour and then rang again. It was obvious that the 2nd person I spoke to had no record of our first call. 

The repair man did ring us within 20 minutes of the 2nd call and was with us within 10 minutes of that. He got the car going without any fuss, explaining to us what he was doing as a temporary fix to get us home and what we would need to do to complete the repair.

It all had to be done in French, which was a it of a stretch for my language skills. So a mixed experience and if it happens again I won't wait an hour before following up!

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Posted by michaelangelo-395396 - 3 years ago

Used them once in Uk with french plates- blow out on motorway- towed us to safe area, changed tyre , all swiftly and effectively, think we were on M11 @ the time. Nothing but praise from me.

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Posted by heureux - 3 years ago

I share BartyB's experience, used them both in UK and France ( at home and following an accident) and each were dealt with efficiently.  No complaints.

Posted by bartyb - 3 years ago

I've used Axa's breakdown service both here and in the UK the only issue being that you are only recovered to a local garage but I knew that anyway.

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Posted by lakeman-415065 - 3 years ago

I have used Axa breakdown a few times in France and found the service to be fine.  I also believe that if they do not reach you within an hour they pay you 30euros, check your policy.

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Posted by Sparks70 - 3 years ago

AXA breakdown is totally useless. The worst example was when we broke down in Coutances & a helpful Frenchman phoned them for us. They hung up on him even though he had all our insurance details. We now use ADAC which is a German firm but with English speakers on every help number. They have never let us down whichever country we contact them from.

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Posted by netaday - 3 years ago

I broke down in the uk with a luton van that had a nackered gear box so had to be recovered.

by the time I finished with the phone call to get the recovery with being put on hold and explaining where I was the bill for the call was in excess of £50.00. There was also a charge that axa did not cover that cost an extra £110, so to say I was not overly impressed was an under statement

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Posted by Rudge - 3 years ago

I have just taken out AXA insurance with the usual breakdown policy included, it would be helpful to hear of any experiences of using the policy in France as well as elewhere  . My primary concern is whether assistance actually works well France ? I have yet to mread the small print of the policy to see what cover can be 'expected' in other EU countries but did assume sme assistance would be provided in a breakdown.