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Buying new car at dealership

Posted by colin22 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Twiglets-10060825 - 3 years ago

From my experience it was better to sell my car privately & then go buy a new car as I had much more flexibility in price haggling with all the extras including alloy wheels & tyres of my choice. When the new car arrived  there was a miinute chip on the bonnet which I insisted was totally resprayed & not a "dot & dab touch-up"....for that inconvenience 1st oil change followed by 1st annual service FREE.

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Posted by bibi-403151 - 3 years ago

Main dealers will discuss the price , have your realistic numbers ready after good research and be prepared to go elsewhere , last time I had three makes I was prepared to buy , ended up with first choice at a price I was happy with. Purchased three new cars since been here and happy every time .

Takes some time but dealers will discuss the price , one took two old cars as trade in ,both at rates higher than I had them advertised at.

There are deals out there.

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Posted by Busted1 - 3 years ago

Which bit didn't you understand in Negociation ? you sell your old car one way or another then 3

" Negociate" a price for the new one ? the add ons are there for you to " Negociate " around ? simples !!


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Posted by colin22 - 3 years ago

I disagree.  If the price of a particular car is stuck on the windscreen with the spec of that car I don't expect, when I speak to the salesman, to hear that it's another 500€ for the paint.  

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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

Re the met paint - if it's a brand new car they are not just advertising that one car are they. That car is just an example of what you can buy. If you like the car but don't want metallic paint, you can order one.

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Posted by Rance-384571 - 3 years ago

Have you seen the offers now being given by Citroen (if you don't like Citroen, don't read on). They are offering Prix Argus for your car in trade in plus another €5,500 against a new C4 Picasso, didn't read any further what other cars might have the offer.

As an ex motor trader, what farminginbrittany said about going for a good cash price for a car then throwing in a p/ex is the way to deal, the problem is often the stubbornness of the car sellers here. Leave your offer with them and your contact details and walk out if you don't get the deal you are happy with. It can often work on the premise that even a French motor trader wants a deal and will call you back but some stick their heels in and just lose a deal for very little..

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Posted by colin22 - 3 years ago

Thanks Farminginbrittany and Kanac.  I now have the answer to my question: it makes no difference!  I thought that was probably the case.  

Re met paintwork, I know you pay extra for that but my point was that when a car has its price marked you don't expect to add another €500 for what's already on the car - very different if you place an order.

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Posted by Kanak - 3 years ago

Hi colin,  if you are a 'fear the worst ' sort of person, garage trade-in will avoid CT and any comeback from a possible unpleasant private buyer (just mind the garage doesn't add any cost like telling you it needs four new tyres etc).   I last did this when there was a flat-rate offer for sending cars for scrap. I was against this in principle because I had a good little runner, and after a bit of 'phone calling the garage gave me a better trade in, and found a pre-registered vehicle (5Km on the clock and full guarantee) to effectively make my purchase a second hand car, if that is worth asking them about?  Today, all prices are negotiable, so stay for coffee and ask to see n+1 (next man up!).

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Posted by Joe-Huelgoat-383105 - 3 years ago

Metallic paint is charged extra in the UK.


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Posted by Yellowperill - 3 years ago

Collin 22 Ive bought 3 new cars here from main dealers 2 Renaults and a Range Rover Evoque, (Not all at the same time) each time I have gone in and asked about a deal not mentioning a trade in then offered my existing motor as a trade in, each time there was no difference in the retail of the car I was buying and I always found the offered price on the car I was trading to be as good as 
I expected if not slightly better. unlike doing the same in the UK where its a lot easier to be hoodwinked by false trade in prices I have found here in my experience it has made no difference at all, hope this helps