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car respraying

Posted by Freckleface-401505 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Freckleface-401505 - 4 years ago

Hi Thunderbird

A good finish would be all I would expect, an improvement on the poor finish already there.

The car is a 1947 Riley RMA.



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Posted by Thunderbird one - 4 years ago

Well......... the old bargee....That was helpfull

Freckle Fac??e what car is it and do you want a "good" finish or a "Concoures" finish??

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Posted by the old bargee - 4 years ago

Hi my son is a top class paint sprayer, but not enough work over here and he doesn't speak French would love him to be able to live here.......

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Posted by Freckleface-401505 - 4 years ago

The paint is so thin any attempt to polish goes straight through to the layer beneath.There are two badly filled sections that need attention and there are tiny rust spots appearing on some of the doors, apart from that the car is rust free, it needs a light rubbing down and then a respray.I have done this myself in the past but my expertise is such that the amount of cutting back needed is very time consuming.

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Posted by hillhead - 4 years ago

What is wrong with the paint finish now?

Would an afternoon with some T cut and a good polish help it or have you got rust coming through. 

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Posted by Freckleface-401505 - 4 years ago

Sorry I have not replied sooner but we lost our internet and phone two days ago.

My problem is lack of time and money.I am looking for a finish which is better than that on the car when it was bought, there must be someone out there with the expertise I need, heres hoping!!

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Posted by Anonymous - 4 years ago

Not a lot of need for a heated booth or bake oven for cellulose.  I've spray several cars outdoors in UK because I had no proper facilities.  The finish from the gun can be pretty awful but after flat and polish I defy anyone to tell the difference.  Two of my projects were award winners.

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Posted by Fitter - 4 years ago

There is a garage in Pontivy, called Phoenix Motors, they seem to specialise in the renovation of classic motors, they always have something interesting for sale outside, eg Mustang, Camaro, Dodge Charger, plus numerous of the usual French "classics" LOL!.

 From looking through their doors as I drive past I can see that they have a proper  spray booth/bake oven.

 This write up in the local website/paper describes the owner as an enthusiast.


Worth a look or a phone call I reckon.

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Posted by pilot-425170 - 4 years ago

Beware, apart from good preparation, to get a professional finish, you will need a dust free and temperature controlled area / heated booth. If your car is valuable I would bite the bullet and have a proper job done with a warranty, it's a highly skilled job definitely not for an amature , good luck.

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Posted by hillhead - 4 years ago

I would suggest you have a go at it yourself. I resprayed mine at home using a high volume low pressure sprayer (cost about £75 from argos!) and got very good reults.

The most important thing is the surface preparation. If you have done that to a good standard you should get good results. If you are looking to pay someone for that as well, you can expect a big bill.

Have a practice first on something that doesn't matter and see how you get on.

Make sure you use a good activated charcoal mask to stop you beathing the fumes from the thinners.