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Posted by last orders - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by last orders - 3 years ago

Thanks Pitstop.

In the UK Cataclean is priced between £13/£15

I noticed Cataclean on Amazon fr. Is priced at between €83 and €105

The French must think these type of  products are the "Grand Cru" of addatives.

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Posted by Pitstop-401534 - 3 years ago

Norauto sell a similar product to Cataclean , very expensive though


Ian T


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Posted by last orders - 3 years ago

Brian61 thank you for a helpful and informative reply. 

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Posted by brian61 - 3 years ago

The big quick fit type garages have a whole range of products which are usually added to the fuel tank to clean various engine/exhaust components. Try Feu Vert for its selection of Wynn's or Bardahl products or even try their own makes. Make sure that you get the correct ones for either petrol or diesel. If you do alot of short trips where the exhaust is not achieving its best working temperature, then the easiest way of cleaning out the exhaust is to take the car on a longer run where you can keep the engine revs high over a 5-10 minute period (say dual carriage-way in 4th gear), once the exhaust system is hot it should deal with all the sooting up type of problem on its own.