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Certifichte of conformity

Posted by Indianjohn - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by chef du gare - 3 years ago

I have spent the last year trying to get my campervan rgistered in France. For every step forward I go i seem to revert back further. The problem in my case and possibly that of the OP is that there were errors on the UK V5 to start with which only surface when you try and re register over here. which meant a Cof C was required from the manufacturer VW in my case. I then had  get a Reception Titre Isole - an independent inspection of the caravan section to see if it conformed to the French regulations.  All this was achieved but the prefecture has made several errors (typos) on the Carte Gris that I have had to repeat part of the process because of their sloppy work. THe other problem that Indianjohn may find is that, I believe Benimar went out of business, so a Cof C may not be available as such but I know that the DREAL at Lorient accepted the NCC (National Caravan council) certificate of conformity for my campervan. This document should be with your motorhome documentation.



The people at the prefecture at Vannes are helpful but there is always a tremendous queue, and as it get closer to their lunch break, they rush things and that is when mistakes are made- I am on my third Carte gris for the same vehicle!!


Bon Chance 





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Posted by bandy - 3 years ago

Joe-Huelgoat is forgetting that EU wide Type Approval for commercial vehicles only commenced, as already mentioned, for vehicles manufactured after 2010.

Furthermore, if this is an aftermarket conversion the OP will still need a conformity certificate for the body as well.

Further, furthermore, it is very common to fnd that the info - more than just the TA number - on GB V5's is incorrect or incomplete, thus unacceptable.

Hence the requirement for conformity certificates.

The OP needs to contact Fiat France regarding the chassis certifiication and the body manufacturer for certification of the body, and take it from there.


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Posted by Burt Lancaster - 3 years ago

The carte gris applies to the chasis of a vehicle.

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Posted by Indianjohn - 3 years ago

Sorry typo error, should have read C of C were not issued until 2010

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Posted by Indianjohn - 3 years ago

Hi. Cos we're not issued by manufacturers  until 2010, mine is a 2009 model. To confuse matters even more, it was registered as a  Benimar, but is built on a Fiat chassis.

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Posted by Joe-Huelgoat-383105 - 3 years ago

Someone more intune with the correct laws to quote will be able to explain what I am going to try to say much better.


There is an EU wide code/law that says if the CofC number is shown on the V5c the French government "MUST" accept it.

If not "THEY" must at thier own expense and without undue delay to the new resident obtain what ever is required that. they are not accepting.  Unfortunately as I have found to my cost the French insist on refusing to follow this directive over and over again. 


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Posted by lover - 3 years ago

The word "motorhome" the chassis is made by one manufacturer and the caravan body by another


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Posted by countrydweller - 3 years ago

Why can no one supply you with a CoC?Have you tried something like this site www.eurococ.eu

Do you understand the full procedure if not look at the information pages on this site

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Posted by Indianjohn - 3 years ago

Hi. It is a 2009 model and it does have the e number on the v5, but  I don't think that this is sufficient to get it registered, but if anybody knows better then please let me know how it's done. Ps my prefecture will be Saint Brieuc.

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Posted by Dueller-813343 - 3 years ago

First, how old is the vehicle? If it was registered in the UK after about 2005 it may have the "e" number under section "K" (i think) on the second page of the log book, if it has the long number beginning with the "e" you can use that.

Second, it is possible to  have a "one off" test on the vehicle to get a conformity number. Try this link as a start