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Change of ownership

Posted by harleyal - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by ardlieinit - 3 years ago

We have just bought a car from a one man dealer advertised on Leboncoin, and as part of the deal, he paid and registered the car in our name. As I understand it, all registered car dealers are able to do this, he photo-stated my drivers licence and a copy of a utility bill, and he did the rest, no extra charge.

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Posted by orme2 - 3 years ago

My son has just bought a second hand car from a dealer and the dealer registered the car and charged for this service.  We had no choice in the matter, because it is this distributor's policy to register all cars sold themselves.  Can't help with leboncoin and its like I'm afraid.


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Posted by a3 - 3 years ago

Certainly when you buy new they do, but it is different to the uk. We have bought 2 new cars now addmittadely both from the same dealership and the procedure was slightly odd. On each occasion we arrived and the new car was sitting in the showroom waiting for collection without a plaque d'immatraculation.......we gave the salesman a cheque made payable to the tresor public for the cost of registering which he passed into the back office and then a little while later he was given a copy of the provisional carte gris by his admin person and a mechanic appeared and fixed the number plates in the showroom.......fortunately the cars have been sufficiently complex that the sales handover covered the time......just seemed a bit odd from the old uk system where you could choose your no at the time of ordering from a list in a book of those reg nos allocated to that garage! Still i imagine the uk system maybe similar these days.

So i supect they can do it but expect to pay a separate cheque form he fee if it is the same as for new cars.