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Consumer rights?

Posted by MELLE-787654 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by moi-383589 - 4 years ago


Very good consumer organisation.Click map to find your nearest office

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Posted by plouyepaul - 4 years ago

I assume, maybe wrongly that there will be a similar organisation to the one we have used here in 29 called ACCOB Association Consommateurs Centre Ouest Bretagne. You usually pay an annual cotisation of around 25€, well worth it as they will advise and if necessary persue the offender through the courts. They weren't easy to find but I'm sure there will be one in your area. Maybe ask at your Mairie?

Good luck, Paul

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Posted by Fitter - 4 years ago

The action is the same as if you were in the UK. Send copies of both receipts registered post to the garage stating that you expect them to pay you the cost of the repair and if they don't pay you will get your insurance juridique to sort them out (even if you haven't got it-they don't know if you have it or not.) 

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Posted by car22 - 4 years ago

Intresting subject  we had a alternator fitted by a AD garage 6 months ago new they supplied the part was   440 euroes paid him got a receipt . we then broke down in the uk they said it was the alternator so we phoned the garage they said get a new one fitted and we would refund the money ,so got a new one fitted  was £375 so took the old one back with the bill and the garage now refusee to pay any help would be grateful 



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Posted by tinkatonk - 4 years ago



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Posted by fruitrouge2 - 4 years ago

Although I have never had cause to use them I have heard (and read on here) that Que Choisir are an extremely helpful association. You don't say where you are but perhaps there may be one local to you.


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Posted by No longer Online - 4 years ago

Have you "judicial protection" insurance, if so contact them.  We pay around 70 euro each year for this and they are supposed to sort out this sort of thing for you.

If you paid through an UK visa card they can help also.