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Driving a car without the insurance sticker

Posted by Philealing - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Philealing - 4 years ago

Thanks everyone.

i have just spoken to a very nice lady in my local (French) insurance office.

I am now the proud owner of my own French car insurance complete with an emailed vignette.

Easy when you know......

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Posted by Driver54 - 4 years ago

I agree with LRV24. You're going to have to insure it so why not from the date you pick it up?

Another risk is being stopped in the UK without insurance. To drive on someone else's insurance in the UK you must already have a vehicle insured in your name with you as the main driver.

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Posted by LRV24 - 4 years ago

As you are going to a fair bit of trouble to collect this 'gifted' car I just cannot understand why you don't take out your own insurance valid from the day you pick it up.

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Posted by Philealing - 4 years ago

Thank you for some helpful suggestions.

We are waiting for the French insurers to return our calls (!!) to request an emailed copy of the policy and the vignette. I have also advised the owners to NOT sign it over to me until I have arrived in France to ensure the insurance is still valid.

i expect the owners are regretting offering it to me now.

Fingers crossed.

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Posted by bandy - 4 years ago

It is an offence in France not to carry the originals of documents with you. The fine for failure to carry the insurance paperwork is 135€ - more severe than for the CG and licence.

However, if you are transferring ownership to yourself, which will be from the time that you take the car and complete the Cert. de Cession and CG, then, as has been stated, you will need to have your own (french) insurance in place.

Furthermore, if the current owners insurance is still valid, they should confirm with their insurer that you are insured to drive it.



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Posted by LRV24 - 4 years ago

If the car is now yours you need to get insurance before you pick it up.

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Posted by sanjon-627351 - 4 years ago

Hi Philealing,

I might be reading things wrong and please correct me if I am, but the way I'm reading your post it seems that the current owners of the car are giving it to you as a gift and that you, as the new owner, will then be driving it back to France.

Well if this is what is happening, can I ask when the Certificate de Cession will be dated showing you as the new owner because I think you might need insurance of your own from the moment the paperwork shows you to be the new owner.

On the other hand, if ownership of the car is not changing and you are simply driving the car back to France as a favour for the owner, their insurer can email them a copy of their insurance certificate so they can print it off and put the vignette in the windscreen.




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Posted by fruitrouge2 - 4 years ago

Like I said in my previous post it is a 35€ fine for not displaying the vignette, however, if you do not have the paperwork on you to show that it is insured they will assume you have no insurance, they will give you a week to produce the documents but you will still be fined for non display. If you cannot get proof that it is then drive it at your own risk and hope that you don't get stopped. 

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Posted by Philealing - 4 years ago

For clarity ..... having a French MOT means it does have a CT. I just couldn't think what the French name was so that is all fine.

The difficulty is that both the owners (friends of the family)and the car are in the UK. As I say they are convinced the car IS insured as it is renewed annually by their bank in France. Popping into the bank/agents office is therefore not an option. They are trying to get hold of the agent on the phone.

Someone has suggested I carry a copy of an email from them, if they can email us one, in the car to confirm that the insurance is valid.

i am concerned that as soon as I arrive at St. Malo port the "authorities" will see there is not an insurance sticker.

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Posted by phlophf-409902 - 4 years ago

we mislaid ours - went into the bank and they printed another (bank insured)