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Hertz Car Hire - Beware

Posted by Karen-381938 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Annabelle's Papa - 3 years ago

I never use Hertz anymore for a lot of the reasons stated and when booking a Ryanair flight I appreciate that they recommend Hertz and even allow you to book this along with your flight it means that when I arrive a Dinard Airport (Brittany dept 22), there is a long queue at The Hertz desk, normally with lots of shouting and I go to one of the desrted desks, having booked through a third party and avoid all the adds ons they try to bamboozle you with, I fill up at a 24 hr supermarket petrol station nearby when I return the car, always getting a receipt (and hang on to it) just in case some tries the tank was not full trick. I also pay about £39 for a yearly one off collision damage waiver insurance and that saves a packet also, similar to this;


When travelling with our daughter we have a blow up booster seat to save hiring very unsafe and uncomfortable car seats..


 Ryanair also used to overestimate their times of arrival (to boost their on time target against other airlines), it doesn't seem to be the case anymore but I always started my car hire 30 minutes before the plane landed, so I am never standing around waiting.

I am not trying to be smug but having flown and hired cars extensively over the years, these are a few of the tips, I have picked up or learnt from experience or told by other travellers.

I hope it helps someone.



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Posted by Peter1948 - 3 years ago

Last July we hired a hertz car in Toulon the  South of France and returned it at St Brieuc North France, as arranged on a Sunday morning, obviously the office was closed. When the funds had been taken from my bank account I was charged twice for a full tank of petrol and charged for  insurance which I had not asked forand extra for an upgrade which I had not asked for. All in all the car cost double the original price quoted. When I did try and sort it out I was met with the ( we don't understand.) At the time my French was pretty poor. Up until this time I had used Hertz all over the world and had always been happy. Needless to say won't be using them again, Patricia.

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Posted by pippin35 - 3 years ago

hi we once hired a car through ryen air a nissan micra  the tank came full acording to the gauge  we didnt use it all but filled it up on return  to the top  when calculated how many miles to the gallon it had done only 30 when we told a friend who hires a lot of cars he said he only fill them back up till the pump klicks off not to the brim

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Posted by tigre-979768 - 3 years ago

If that was the case then Hertz were in the wrong to release the car earlier than 6pm, and again that's what they should have explained to the customer. 

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Posted by evenevenmoreantibs - 3 years ago

If the paperwork had already been completed and it normally is in my experience with Hertz, the insurance would have been timed to run from the time you contracted to pick up the car.

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Posted by Karen-381938 - 3 years ago


I am not stupid, just inexperienced in booking hire cars

The problem with the booking and timing of the pick-up was that I used the link on the flight booking and did not book with Hertz direct.

If I had done the latter I could have specified the time I wanted to pick the car up and then it would obviously been my fault if I wanted to pick the car up earlier than the contract stated. However I used the link on the Ryanair site which comes up at the end of the flight booking and was allocated the time with no opportunity to amend it.

I stupidly assumed (yes, I know you shouldn't assume) that because the car hire booking was linked to the flight, there wouldn't be any problem if I turned up a bit earlier for it. In fact I thought it would make it easier than working out what time I would be ready to pick the car up. If you book a car through a link like that it is a fair assumption that the car should be available more or less as soon as the flight gets in.

 I wouldn't have minded so much if there had been a lot of people in front of me waiting for cars, but surprisingly  there were only the French family and me waiting for pre-booked cars,so you would have thought a bit of common sense could have been used. As tigre said, it would have gone a long way towards customer relations; goodness knows what the French family thought - I was talking to them while we were waiting and it was their first trip to the UK. A great start to their trip!

Anyway, whatever the rights and wrongs, I put this post on as a warning that if you book through the link you may end up having to wait. I will certainly boook direct with the car hire company next time to avoid any difficulties.


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Posted by tigre-979768 - 3 years ago

GeorgeV, I think Karen propably knows that, her argument is really about the fuel, but if the car was ready and waiting at 5pm why not let the customer take it, I think it's called, 'good customer relations' If the car was not ready, ie, still being cleaned etc then all Hertz had to do was tell the customer this.

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Posted by georgeV-988991 - 3 years ago

I'll not comment on the fuel aspect but on the issue of timing in the contract that you signed with Hertz.  When you booked a car with Hertz online you effectively entered into a contract to collect your car at 1800 so by demanding it earlier than that you were in breach of contract.  As in your case and in the case of the French there was no Toss to Argue.  You were both in the wrong.

Very similar would be if you had booked the car for 1800 and on arrival Hertz told you it would not be available until 1900.

When you booked the car you needed to check the terms and conditions including dates and times.  If these are not suitable for you then book with some other car hire company that can meet your requirements.  No cause for argument you were at fault by being in breach of contract.

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Posted by cmat-437477 - 3 years ago

I fly with Ryanair  regularly  to ema and always have a hire car through hertz,  they always give me the option  of paing them for a full tank of fuel and taking it back empty, considering  i have to go to Durham  and back it is the better option for me.

Never had any problems on getting the car either always there ready , never have to wait to a specific time  uusually  a bloomin long queue  as about 5 fllights seem to come in at the same time.

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Posted by Karen-381938 - 3 years ago

Hi, yes I did. The leaflet I was given said you had to show the fuel receipt but nothing about where you can or can't fill up.

As said, I 've never used Hertz before, so in view of what you've said, it seems that they most definitely WERE trying it on (maybe because I was female on her own?) If they hadn't "waived" the fuel charge I was going to pursue it, but obviously didn't need to in the end.