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High oil pressure.

Posted by sabc15-427548 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 4 years ago

Thanks for your replies,I have now done further investigation and it appears to be the oil pressure switch that is giving a faulty reading,so have ordered a new one from the UK £39,apparently it is a common fault on this model,thanks again.sabc15.

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Posted by Sueb-382387 - 4 years ago

I tend to agree with Thunderbird 1. Most positive displacement pumps (generally gearwheel pumps on vehicles) will have a spring loaded pressure maintaining Valve (relief back to pump suction) if that has stuck the pressure will  be uncontrollably high. If you can identify the valve giving it a whack  often sort the problem

Chris B

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Posted by Thunderbird one - 4 years ago

I would go for the Oil Pressure relief valve stuck.

If a big end bearing had "slipped" and blocking an oil way that would mean there would be no oil getting to the bearing so it would soon knock it out so doubt it is that.

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Posted by Fitter - 4 years ago

Assume you mean engine oil pressure not transmission or hydraulics.

If the pressure isn't varying when the engine oil warms up I would suspect the gauge.

First thing is check the gauge reading with a known good mechanical gauge- gauges can be wildly out of calibration especially when old.

Other causes for over pressure could be a shell bearing that has spun and blocking an oilway or oil pressure relief valve sticking.