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Importing used car from UK

Posted by Dolan-400400 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Pepe-803827 - 3 years ago

Then CPC the only way to be sure is to contact the DVLA and see if they know!

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Posted by chèvrefeuille - 3 years ago

The problem is, pilot, you might get away with it but it's not legal. Individuals are able to make up their own minds about adhering to the letter of the law or not but on a public forum confusing statements should not be made. Many of the people who use these pages are looking for confirmation of what they want to hear and that is very worrying at times.

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Posted by pilot-425170 - 3 years ago

if you're intending to buy a car and drive it to the port same day you won't have any problems, and I agree vehicles in the UK much cheaper even after re registration. So go for it and good luck

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Posted by less - 3 years ago

Anonymous, no probs

Bandy, apologies for waking you from your slumbers to deal with such trivial matters, however as far as I'm aware the EU derogation allows a vehicle to driven from one EU country to another solely for the purposes of exporting & re-registration - don't think it mentions the use of the vehicle to have several / more days holiday in the country of purchase..  As DN points out there is a grey area whereby the vehicle is marked for export & no longer UK registered, but still carries UK plates, as France allows a grace period prior to registration providing you can provide at the roadside a valid insurance certificate, a recent MOT (within 6 months if I remember the French regs correctly), valid driving licence, some other form of non resident UK status (if the driving licence is still registered to a UK address no requirement to change an EU licence) The trip to the ferry terminal should be straight forward. If your intention is to stay in UK for a few days - then it's not so straightforward & depending on the attitude of the driver and the officer matters could get very complicated.  

chèvrefeuille :-) it can be done - time consuming: Oh Yes, expensive: Indeed, also requires at least one trip to Paris, generally more, impossible: not quite, with perseverance I'm led to believe it is possible -- I'm still trying :-)

Dolan, as the OP, bringing a vehicle from UK - can save you a substantial sum, is although reading this topic wouldn't appear so, a simple affair providing you have prepared in advance insurance etc,. for either a quick trip just to collect your purchase or a longer stay visiting relatives / friends etc,.    

Posted by bartyb - 3 years ago

Hmmmmmm "insuredaily.co.uk say visitors from abroad should use the address at which they are staying as their address, or the garage from which they obtained their car if this is not appropriate."

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Posted by Anonymous - 3 years ago

les  Thanks.  I have bookmarked your link for the next time someone says they can't get insurance.

bandy  The need for UK insurance was mentioned only as it applies to someone wanting to tax the vehicle in order to get it to the ferry.  I doubt if a French insurance document will serve for that function.

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Posted by chèvrefeuille - 3 years ago

Be very careful if you do consider buying an American car in the UK. Check that it is an official European model with full EC conformity. Attempting to import US spec vehicles into France will be, time consuming, expensive, impossible or all three of the above.

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Posted by bandy - 3 years ago

Yawn... You don't need U.K. insurance if you're a non-resident buying for export. There is an EU derogation that allows you to use an insurer in your country of residence !

If you can show that you're buying for export, live abroad etc, then the police won't be interested.

Once again, a lot of scaremongering !

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Posted by all4one-10057182 - 3 years ago

If you are adamant about buying from the UK have you thought about buying a used LHD car ? Plenty of dealers around specialising in European/American used vehicles. Just Google "LHD car dealers".

Temporary insurance is easily obtained - Google for info.

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Posted by less - 3 years ago

Strange that Anonymous, 30 seconds on google