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Posted by Pam Jones - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Rat Catcher-10052281 - 3 years ago

There's more:

from http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/vehicles/insurance/accident/index_en.htm

"If your insurance policy comes from a country that applies higher liability coverage than the EU minimum, you will be covered up to that amount throughout the EU."

I'm not sure whether this refers to the legal minimum cover required by the country of registration, or the actual cover provided by the policy.

if the latter, it means that your fully comp insurance is applicable in other EU countries and the insurance cannot refuse.

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Posted by Rat Catcher-10052281 - 3 years ago

Just a quick research uncovered the following (there is more that is probably of further interest) from:


Some insurance undertakings insert into insurance policies clauses to the effect that the contract will be cancelled if the vehicle remains outside the Member State of registration for longer than a specified period. This practice is in conflict with the principle set out in this Directive, according to which compulsory motor insurance should cover, on the basis of a single premium, the entire territory of the Community. It should therefore be specified that the insurance cover is to remain valid during the whole term of the contract, irrespective of whether the vehicle remains in another Member State for a particular period, without prejudice to the obligations under Member States’ national legislation with respect to the registration of vehicles.

Single premium

Member States shall take the necessary steps to ensure that all compulsory policies of insurance against civil liability arising out of the use of vehicles:
cover, on the basis of a single premium and during the whole term of the contract, the entire territory of the Community, including for any period in which the vehicle remains in other Member States during the term of the contract; and
guarantee, on the basis of that single premium, in each Member State, the cover required by its law or the cover required by the law of the Member State where the vehicle is normally based when that cover is higher.


This entry is from here: http://ec.europa.eu/finance/insurance/consumer/motor/index_en.htm

My emphasis in bold.

Vehicles should be registered in the country of residence of the policy holder and/or vehicle owner. Provided their registration is in order, they may be insured by an insurer established in the country of registration or in any other EU country. Insurers providing cross-border insurance services must fulfil certain formalities under the EU insurance rules. They must also be willing to offer a contract.

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Posted by Undercover Reporter - 3 years ago


i understood this was reduced last year to 3 months/ 90 days here in france.  It was asked as a question with a view to the insurance issue with max 90 days. (Not 100% as doesn't effect me so haven't researched)

Was just trying to put that as a possible reason for their stance.  

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Posted by geegee42 - 3 years ago

The car has to be in the country for over six months before you have to register it,every insurance I have had over here has never had any limit on how long you can drive in another EU country.

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Posted by Undercover Reporter - 3 years ago

As a side not on this, is it not compulsory to register the car in the country if there for a certain period? This might be the reason behind the 90 day response.

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Posted by Pam Jones - 3 years ago

Thank you for that, we will go toi Groupama tomorrow to ask again.


Please consider this thread closed.

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Posted by Huey-407259 - 3 years ago

No Pam I did not misread.

My car is fully insured (for everything) with G.

When asked about going out of France (Yes UK), I WAS told no you remain covered for all.

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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

Ah yes,a light has dawned - ignore my posts, rat catcher's comment has made me realise that I should have kept quiet. I don't bother with comprehensive insurance, I run an old car so I only have basic insurance and therefore it would make no difference to my policy in any case. So if the OP's question was about the comprehensive element of the policy (which wasn't mentioned by the OP, to be fair) then I don't know the answer.

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Posted by Pam Jones - 3 years ago

Thank you ratcatcher, I will ask the question again

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Posted by Rat Catcher-10052281 - 3 years ago

My understanding is that all EU insurance companies cannot refuse basic insurance (i.e. 3rd party or as required for minimum cover by the particular country) for other EU countries for the duration of the policy.

The time limits apply only to the full cover of the policy, e.g. fully comp. The full cover can be extended by either notifying or payment of appropriate fee.

For obvious reasons some insurance companies are intentionally vague on this.