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Is travelling round europe Still enjoyable for anyone out there?

Posted by frankie faen-443955 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 4 years ago

Happy to hear that you have got back ok :-)

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Posted by frankie faen-443955 - 4 years ago

Hi Fly!

my journey went through without any mishaps,thanks! You are right about my headline for the postings...I did mean travelling through europe by public transport.....!

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Posted by georgeV-988991 - 4 years ago

Last year I went by car to Greece via Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania and called in Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Austria.  Finally to Germany for the Munich Beer Festival.  Not quite the most adventurous journey I've ever made but great fun meeting loads of people.  The refugee crisis was not healine news but was just kicking off.  I'd would have no fears about doing it again this year or next.

If you have ever driven through Somalia or Ethiopia on route to Uganda and then on to South Africa or across Russia as I have done then Eastern Europe is a walk in the park.

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 4 years ago

 Having had a chat with the original poster yesterday,it would appear that this post was written out of frustration as he has got to travel upto scandanavia today and he was getting quite flustered because of travel problems due to French farmers, S.N.C.F, taxi drivers and air traffic control all of which were making his plans to get there seam sketchy in the extreme.

Nothing to do with imigrants,press or even camping,just a case of frustration, but maybe next time F-Faen will chose a more understandable title heading !!!!!

If you get time to read this whilst in transit Frankie,I hope that you are making good progress with minimum or no disruption. Bonne voyage

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jamie x

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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 4 years ago

Now why would the British press want to make out that Europe is becoming a no go area - surely they can't have a political agenda can they.

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Posted by Iguana Rock - 4 years ago

NEVER read the Mail Online or none of us would venture anywhere past our front door!

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Posted by geegee42 - 4 years ago

It seems to me that sometimes the UK press gives the impression that it has no idea whatsoever about europe.

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Posted by chèvrefeuille - 4 years ago

I presume that this is the knock on effect of of the UK press' image of mainland Europe being at a standstill as a result of migration. The reality is the opposite.

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Posted by geegee42 - 4 years ago

I think what the op is getting at is concerns about the current border issues and the influx of immigrants and not actually scenic trips in a camper, me personally, these issues would have no affect on whether I decided to travel within Europe or not.

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Posted by Tilia - 4 years ago

Not just for us, but for the children too. I moved to mainland Europe to get this freedom. So far they have been to Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the Pyrennees and Greece. And that is just with the college and Lycee - and despite the 'dangers' it's left them with a richer understanding of the various cultures and countries that we are a part of. And they enjoyed every minute (including getting lost for an afternoon in Florence !)