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Legal to have a car ??

Posted by c2oafc-383379 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by chemin vert - 4 years ago

Thank you Bandy.

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Posted by DN-434538 - 4 years ago

At one time nearly all hire cars were on 60 plates as that was the cheapest department to register in.

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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 4 years ago

I posed this question at the Prefecture,if I live in the uk for 5,1/2 months and France for 5.1/2 months and spend a month traveling elsewhere in Europe,(ie Spain)where should I register my cars,and the answer I received was providing the vehicle is insured /taxed and mot in a EU member state then it is legal.sabc15.

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Posted by Foxie-986308 - 4 years ago

The reason French legislation mentions the obligation to register your car to your principal residence, is because the cost of registration varies from department to department. Without this rule, people who lived in a dept where the registration fee was higher and had a holiday home in a different department where the fee was lower, would obviously choose to register their car where it was cheaper. So this rule exists to stop them from doing that. 

Re the EU rules, they did used to say that you couldn't register a car in a country where you have a holiday home which was stupid, and they have now been changed.

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Posted by bandy - 4 years ago

Here's the info - no 'guesswork'. The earlier posters were quite correct in that it is perfectly acceptable to keep a car registered at one's holiday home as thousands do throughout the EU. In fact, it's the only legal way to do it.


Quote, "if a resident of one Member State keeps a car which is used fairly regularly at a place in another Member State where he has his second residence, that car should be registered in the second Member State."

Other considerations: EU regulations state that a visitor may take a car to another EU country for up to six months after which the vehicle must be registered in that country .But how could one do this if it was against EU law to do so ?  

The OP has nothing to worry himself about.



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Posted by DN-434538 - 4 years ago

There are a lot of very rich people in the South of France. They are not often French Residents, lots of tax here, they drive lovely  expensive French Registered cars. They are registered to their holiday homes. They do not have a problem. So why shoud you.

Other people do not have principle rsidences. Merchant Navy Officers or Oil rig workers, for example working on foreign ships or rigs  mainly at sea. If they could not register to other addresses they could not have cars at all. Obviously it is legal and proper.

It is also legal to be a traveller living in a van in France having no permanent residential address at all. Some people live in caravans even.

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Posted by c2oafc-383379 - 4 years ago

I saw a link that states it has to be you principal residence, that was for Europe and also one section just covered France and it said its not allowed... oh pooh... As for the insurance companies I beleive they will gladly take your money and only if you need make a claim will you find out its not legal... then you could bve in the pooh too !! 

Dont know what to say to this person !!! ??? that I may of helped illegally register a car !!


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Posted by Cumbrian-440719 - 4 years ago

I registered a vehicle to our maison secondaries in France last year. I told both the insurer and the registration agency this and there was no problem.


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Posted by AgentOrange - 4 years ago

Funny old world isn't it.

French law demands that vehicles are registered at a persons principle residence. I've never seen any indication that there's an exception made for Brits.


There's no "grey area" with regards to a UK resident driving a French registered car in the UK. You can't legally do it, not even just off the boat and down the road (except possibly to a pre-arranged MOT test but I've not checked on that one)

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Posted by chemin vert - 4 years ago

I have seen a link to the regulations but am not sure which forum it was on. It is not guess work but a fact.