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legality issue

Posted by skydiver-437154 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by kervéor - 3 years ago

I agree with the last posting .But it would have to make financial sense 

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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 3 years ago

Would I buy one NO, would I rather walk 10 miles to the shops and carry the shopping home in the rain NO,would I rather ride a bicycle NO,would I prefer to wait for the bus in a rural village NO,would I rather drive a san permis DEFIANTLY.sabc15.

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Posted by JohnP-390097 - 3 years ago

With respect, Reliants and the law regarding them is rather different. You could not drive a Reliant without a licence, you could at one time drive them on a motorbike licence but with no reverse gear as already mentioned. For the sake of a balanced discussion we need to compare like with like and in the UK you cannot drive any vehicle with an internal combustion engine on the road without a licence.

In France the powers that be have deemed that you can drive a plastic car with a lawn mower engine on the road without a licence. On the other hand their laws restricting newly qualified drivers make more sense than allowing a 17 year old with a rich daddy to jump into a supercar immediately after obtaining a licence as they can in the UK. No legal system is perfect.

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Posted by buttermaker - 3 years ago

It's interesting that Reliants have been mentioned. I did many thousands of miles in a Regal 21E. It was a great little car which, with its light weight and all alloy 700cc engine was really quick and very economical. It would do 80 mph. It's handling taught me far more about driving around corners quickly than my friends who owned Minis ever learned. There are a lot of superior voices when it comes to transport, as long as it's legal just let others do as they choose. Please.

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Posted by Fitter - 3 years ago

 "and no they won't do 60mph"

Oh yes, some of the unrestricted ones  can if you have a B1 licence - they advertise them as doing 85-90 kph.

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Posted by AQ-417490 - 3 years ago

Anybody quoting a batch of statistics would normally quote all the figures in order to demonstrate that they add up to the full 100%. These are the principles set by statisticians, otherwise the quoted figures look unreliable.

Quite agree with you harpist - there is no need for rude comments just because someone doesn't agree. Whilst the VSPs themselves might have a place on French roads, the original posting by skydiver highlighted the real issue  - the drivers - not all, but quite a number of them.

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Posted by Harpist - 3 years ago

MDV I have only just joined AI and this is the first discussion group I have read.  It appears that whilst most people in this discussion, which began quite innocently, have been merely exchanging their views and accepting that individuals have a right to an opinion which is different to theirs, one or two, including yourself are being extremely rude.  There is no need for this kind of comment.  As far as I can see, no-one has suggested that these vehicles should be banned, but are merely discussing the very real points that these vehicles can be driven in France even though the drivers may have been banned because of drunk driving, dangerous driving, knocking someone over, maybe even having killed someone.  The stats may not show a high level of driving injuries or deaths amongst this group of road users but what statistics are there concerning how many other road users have been injured or died as a result of  incidents with these VSPs?  Skydiver started this thread off with some very valid points.  If you must contribute to this thread please keep your remarks civil.

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Posted by hillhead - 3 years ago

"Quite simply because percentages have to add up to 100 (per cent means per 100)."

You obviously do not understand the principles here, just because percentages are being quoted does not mean that all the figures are included. There are probably other accident figures in the statistics which have been left out as they are not relevant to the point under discussion.

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Posted by steverockers-392585 - 3 years ago

Whilst agree that it is not right that people should be allowed to drive these vehicles without any documents apart from insurance, the situation has recently slightly altered as, if you were born after 1988, you are required to have an AM licence. This means that drunk drivers with an AM licence can, presumably, be banned.

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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 3 years ago

Hi. I don't see any problem with these little cars,they may be slow but easy to pass,my mother in law had a uk license issued at the Post office many years ago,drove daily all her life never took a test (didn't have to),my neigbour had a bond 3 wheeler he loved it and upgraded to a Reliant,not much chance of killing yourselves in a San permis at 15/20 mph,would I have one,no but never say never,some people would like to stop everything they disagree with or dislike,live and let live is what is say.sabc15.