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looking for someone to (help me) replace windshield

Posted by LangeHaas - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Dueller-813343 - 4 years ago

As stated it is better to have two people when using the "cheesewire" method, the reason being is, it is quite possible to have the wire at a slightly wrong angle and cut into the "A" post trim plastic.

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Posted by - 4 years ago

Leonard the "glue" is NOT silicone it is Sikoflex 255FC which was developed especially for windscreen fitting. 


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Posted by - 4 years ago

Leonard the "glue" is NOT silicone it is Sikoflex 255FC which was developed especially for windscreen fitting. 


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Posted by Anonymous - 4 years ago

Very detailed and accurate explanation of how to do your own screen replacement.  I've done them myself in UK and you certainly haven't missed anything out, apart from maybe it will be hard to find a breaker here that will let you go in and remove a screen yourself.   I doubt many people on the forum will bother to ever do one.  Much easier to reach for their chequebook.

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Posted by Leonard-988343 - 4 years ago

This is probably way to late, but i have not been able to login.

To change a windscreen it is not all that difficult. I havee done this on three different cars. Laguna, peugeot 405 and a citroen ZX. Moreover I have removed the windscreens from cars at the auto wreckers . If  you remove one from the wreckers that is where you get the practice.If you are sucesful then you do it to your own car. Just a bit of patience about an hour or so.

Go to a auto supplier ex.(AD PRO). and get some (fil carré) square wire for cutting out. make some pierced wooden handles and a couple of wire connecters  to hold the ends.

Remove the parts on the bottom of windscreen pull off rubber joint , heat with a lighter a bit of stiff wire (bicycle spoke) pierce silicone joint, pass one end of wire through hole attache handles pull on wire with a sawing mouvement and cut all the way round. I have done this by myself but with 2 people much easier I suppose. The only risk you have is the price of the square cutting wire and a bit of your time. if you suceed at this on your own car put some masking tape on the outside of the winscreen to protect the paint.

Putting the windscreen is easy enough. Cut out the old silicone clean with alcohol or something else. On a dry run put in new windscreen in with it's joint , place two pieces of tape on windscreen and on to the roof(near each end) and cut at top of the joint,this is just have the right line up for when it will be glued in.

On your silicone nipple cut a large V shaped end. Run a thick high bead all around, put in windscreen push in to squash the bead and there you are. You could also run a strap around through open doors, place two thick books on screen and tighten strap wait a while and put back on blades etc.

I bought silicone at Leclerc at about 12E (auto and bateau noir) black car and boat silicone.

windscreen at wreckers for 20-30E

You can also look on Youtube windscreen (windshield) removal  there are some good examples there. For other car repairs as well.

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Posted by LangeHaas - 4 years ago

Thanks again, but as I said in my first post, I do not have the insurance. I was hoping someone on here knew a mechanic who could do it for a reasonable rate. I guess I will just ask a few quotes and pick one.

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Posted by Tryval - 4 years ago

I have glass cover on my "classic" (ho ho) R11 3rd party policy with AXA

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Posted by Joe-Huelgoat-383105 - 4 years ago

It is common in France for insurers to exclude glass and wing mirrors without an extra premuim.

It is worth checking that you are covered as many assume that they are only to find on checking even "toutes risk" policys that glass is not covered. 

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Posted by dangermouse-440611 - 4 years ago

you can also get windscreen cover on third party insurance as i have done on one of my cars and got a new screen fitted can not remember now but i had to pay something like 40 or 60 euros towards the cost.regards derek

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Posted by suziepops - 4 years ago

I would hazard a guess that the poster doesn't have comprehensive insurance.