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Non resident car ownership

Posted by Angloaussie2 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by phlophf-409902 - 4 years ago

NellP,  for the record,  this is not the case - we have a home in Italy - it is illegal for us to buy or register a vehicle there unless we are residents.

However - i don't think the OP will have that problem here

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Posted by Aliben-397416 - 4 years ago

Well, we know 2 people who live in Oz and keep their french registered cars here for when they come over and visit. Can't see any problem with it personally.


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Posted by NellP-986196 - 4 years ago

You can register a vehicle in any country where you have a " home".  There are however, rules that dictate how you use that vehicle.  If it is for example, registered in France and your domicile is UK, you can't habitually drive it in the UK. Rules have been created without consideration of the fact that people might have a secondary home and that fact has now been acknowledged. 

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Posted by chef du gare - 4 years ago

If it were me I would buy a low priced easy to service Renault or Puegeot from your nearest local dealer, explaining what you want it for. If you can garage it when you are away it will survive the standing better. Ideally get your local dealer to check it over before you arrive so you have some working wheels. These will be on costs to your purchase price and then you will have the other running costs, CT and servicing that you dont get with a hire car, and of course you will get the depreciation whether you use it or not. Do your sums first it might not be such a good idea to buy after all, your carte gris is not cheap at 50Euros per CV approx.




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Posted by fruitrouge2 - 4 years ago

@azur model....that's all very well but if angloaussie registers the car they buy here in France in Australia how do you think they are going to get the car to Australia for it's MOT, CT or whatever it's called over there and back again each time it is due for renewal?  That's kind of defeating the object and they might just as well carry on hiring one when here.

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Posted by LRV24 - 4 years ago

If your car is going to be kept at your French holiday property then the French authorities prefer that it is registered and insured locally.

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Posted by Azur Models-658123 - 4 years ago

Unless they have changed the law, the EU page states that you can only register a car/moto-etc in your country of residence.

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Posted by Pushkin-986745 - 4 years ago

It is legal don't worry just register it in your name at your home address in Gouarec and keep it insured thats about it ...

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Posted by evenevenmoreantibs - 4 years ago

It might be worth checking offically

We have had a number of American guests who own a second home in France arrive in their own cars with Red French number plates, one mentioned that there is some sort of tax advantage with these for non-EU residents.

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Posted by noblesse-404553 - 4 years ago

Of course it's legal, as long as you register it in your name and insure it.