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Photo part of UK driving licence expired.

Posted by Tapenade-834304 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Tapenade-834304 - 3 years ago

Thanks for all the advice and help, hopefully all will be sorted soon. Will post back when I have a French licence in hand!!

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Posted by John Rodney - 3 years ago

Replaced my UK paper license for a French one before I was 70, no problem!  That was 8 years ago.

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Posted by jaykay-10041854 - 3 years ago

It is a simple procedure, you can download the forms on the internet, if you want to keep your categories you have a medical, look for the list of doctors on the prefectures website make an appointment take the correct forms with you(download the forms for example from here http://www.cotes-darmor.gouv.fr/Demarches-administratives/Permis-de-conduire#N530 everthing can be found here). It tells you everyting you need to take to the prefecture.  We have done it with 2 out of date photo licences without having a medical (my husband was having chemo at the time and couldn't face another medical) and have been able to go back 2 years later to have his towing category added which we are doing now. My daughter had an out of date photo licence (no paper version) they accepted that and are in the process of doing that now.  The lady at st brieuc prefecture is brilliant she speaks and emails eveything in English and is extremely helpful.  

If you strggle with the website in French use google chrome as your browser and you can just  translate the website.

The next thing is importing our caravan - somehow I don't think this will be so easy.

email me if you want any help

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Posted by Tapenade-834304 - 3 years ago

Just to say that the phone number for DVLA licence enquiries has changed and is now 0300 790 6801.

Phoned it this morning(Skype), spoke to a really helpful chap, makes a change, the certificate of entitlement is now on it's way to me by post, there was an option to have it faxed. So, now wait to receive this and then back down prefecture. I did print off one of these new forms that are now required for car rental but I don't think that will suffice for the purpose of acquiring a French Licence.


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Posted by Hilary Briss - 3 years ago

Tapenade please let us know how you get on.

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Posted by Tapenade-834304 - 3 years ago

Thanks to all for your input, have to say that I am not too bothered about the additional categories such as 7.5 tonners and massive trailers/ caravans which I do have as I have held my licence since 1983, so if by relinquishing these I can avoid a medical that is the route I would go.

Have printed one of those new licence summarie's from DVLA today as was told I needed that at the prefectures today to show I am not dis-qualified etc, so back there tomorrow armed with everything needed, I think, so fingers crossed, see what happens next.

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Posted by JohnP-390097 - 3 years ago

If you have a valid UK driving licence you can exchange it for a French one. The groups on a French licence do not exactly match the groups on a UK licence which has been held for a number of years. I believe they have been brought more into line in the last 10 years or so.

If you have held a UK licence for some time you will be licenced to tow a large trailer or caravan and a vehicle up to 7.5 ton GVW. A basic French licence will only allow a small trailer (500kg max) and vehicle up to 3.5 ton GVW. In order to retain your groups above those of a basic French licence, you will need a medical carried out by an approved doctor.

The new style French licence is a photocard and it has an expiry date. Groups other than AM,A1,B1 and B(motorcycle up to 125cc, car & van up to 3.5 ton) all have expiry dates and the length of validity depends on your age.

Just as an example at age 60, your photocard is valid for 5 years, basic licence groups, no expiry date, C groups 1 year and D group 2 years.

Personally I found the initial exchange UK licence-French licence( keeping all my groups) complicated but I have just renewed my French licence for the first time and found it much easier.

There is no charge for an exchange or renewal of a French licence but a medical will cost 33€ which is not refundable.

Hopr this helps

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Posted by Hilary Briss - 3 years ago

OK let me explain,I have a Paper licence(Original) given to me in 1963 when I passed my test it will expire when I am 70.I do not have the plastic licence with a photo on it.

When I come to exchange it for a French licence (Shortly) will the powers that be accept it?

and give me a French Licence in exchange.

Also I believe you only need a medical if you need to retain certain groups from your UK onto a French Licence such as towing a large trailer etc



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Posted by airpo - 3 years ago

Some time ago I saw a list of Doctors Authorised to give this medical, I'm going to need one soon, so does anyone know where I can get this list from?

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Posted by dabbityduck-384379 - 3 years ago

Yes OP, that's correct, in my experience.

And yes, the medical is that basic; be aware, though, that not every doctor is allowed to give this medical - you may have to go to a 'specialist'. The test costs €35 which, I believe, you don't get back as normal.