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purchasing a motorhome from an dealer in France

Posted by greendoor-434095 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by geegee42 - 3 years ago

I have bought five cars since I've lived here ,three private and two from dealers,with one dealer it was the price is the price but I will replace all belts ,change oil and all filters ,put new discs on the front ,two new tyres and a full two years CT,I was happy with that the second did basically the same and knocked three hundred off,the three private sellers were such good deals I didn't try any haggling,but the french when buying are same as everyone else they all want a deal.

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Posted by seashore-10052757 - 3 years ago

Of course, why didn't I think of that. All French people think one way and all British another. Get real!

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Posted by Fitter - 3 years ago

The French mentality on selling is different to the UK mindset.

You have an item to sell at €200 and it cost you €100.

You finally accept an offer to sell at €175,

The Brit would think " I made €75 profit today"

The Frenchman would think "I lost €25 today" because I could have sold it for €200 but accepted an offer of €175 so I made a €25 loss.

it's all in the mind!

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Posted by greendoor-434095 - 3 years ago

Thanks all

We will have a go at haggling and let you know the outcome,

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Posted by Ozzy Mandias - 3 years ago

Absolutely no reason why you shouldn't haggle, after all, if you were trading one in they would certainly do it to you! What you tend to find though is that rather than reduce the price, they'll throw in accessory packs, awnings, reversing cameras, tv systems etc., as an incentive. Bear in mind that these are only of consequence if you would be buying them anyway. Give it a go, you might be surprised. There's a lot of cash tied up in expensive vehicles standing on the forecourts of motorhome dealers!

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Posted by Fitter - 3 years ago

Go there, try it on, and come back and tell us what happened!

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Posted by jjp47 - 3 years ago

No harm in trying!