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registering 2nd hand vehicle

Posted by greendoor-434095 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Gonetoground - 3 years ago

Busted 5, I meant that all the information can be got from your mairie, including the forms, cost etc.

In the past the mairie at Rostrenen has sent off all the documents to the prefecture for us, so it can be done through a mairie. We have actually done this!


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Posted by DN-434538 - 3 years ago

You need,

The old Carte Grise crossed and marked Vendu le (date and time);

If the carte Grise is the new type with the detachable field for you to keep detach and  complete it and keep it.

One proof of ID. (one for each co-owner) If you are registering in the names of a couple for instance.

One proof of address 

A cheque for the fee, the web site of your local prefecture will enable you to work this out from the CV and age of the vehicle.

If the vehicle is more than 4 years old a proof of Controle Technique, issued within the last 2 months for a fail 6 months for a pass.

Form Cerfa 13750/05 demande de certificat, can be obtained on line.

Form Crfa 13754/02 Cert of Cession, the time and date of sale to be the same as on the old Carte Grise.

If the vehicle has been modified since last registered then you need proof it conforms to EU and French rules, normally a CoC.

If applying by post, do not include a certificate non gage properly known as certificate de situation administrative, it is not required for the process, (according to the government site)

The link to the Government site is





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Posted by over50 - 3 years ago

Certificat non gage you can get one on line

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Posted by Busted 5 - 3 years ago

I don't know where gone to ground gets his info from but its either a sous prefecture or prefecture that will register veheicle , no Mayors office in the 22 or 29 can register a vehicle ??


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Posted by greendoor-434095 - 3 years ago

Thank you gone to ground 

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Posted by Gonetoground - 3 years ago

You also need a demande de certificat d'immatriculation, available on line or from your mairie. Cheque for registration fee, your mairie will also tell you with the cost, this depends on how old the vehicle is and the puissance fiscal, the older the vehicle and lower the puissance fiscal the cheaper it is. You can do the whole lot through your mairie if you want, or through the post. If you do it by post you need to include a stamped and self addressed envelope. Don't forget to include the carte grise which has to be crossed and signed by the vendor.