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Registering an EU vehicle without reg. docs

Posted by heureux - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by seashore-10052757 - 3 years ago

There is no point in doing anything until you receive the de registration certificate from Italy.

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Posted by heureux - 3 years ago

The car is 12 years old and was registered in Italy.  I understand the owner has applied for deregistration, and I'm awaiting for the Italian authorities to confirm this, and produce a certificate to the same effect.

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Posted by bandy - 3 years ago

The problem that the OP will most likely have is in obtaining a replacement registration document if the vehicle is not curently registered in his name, as replacements are normally only issued to the current registered owner, for obvious reasons.

For the same reasons of trying make life difficult for thieves the Prefecture is highly unlikely to even consider a request for re-registration without the registration certificate - other than the scenario referred to above.

A little more info would help, because, as suggested above, it can be easier for an older car. Is the OP able to reveal the age, and current country of registration, to enable more help to be given ?

Posted by bartyb - 3 years ago

I think the answer is it all depends.

I've done 2 UK vehicles that were bought with no paperwork, one had been officially exported and DVLA were able to supply a certificate of export...... problem solved. The other the DVLA supplied a V5 from the chassis number....... again problem solved.

If it's a vehicle that's more than 30 years old FFVE have a procedure to enable registration of barn finds but for a newer vehicle I suspect you're stuffed if the country of origin is less obliging than the UK.