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taking french reg car back to uk

Posted by dontneeditnow - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by walnut72 - 3 years ago

does it have a current CT, as you can register the vehicle in eu countries if it has 6months left on the CT

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Posted by Rat Catcher-10052281 - 3 years ago

My aplogies, I didn't read the notices properly.

There are no local offices anymore.

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Posted by Rat Catcher-10052281 - 3 years ago



It seems there are still local DVLA offices.

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Posted by Rat Catcher-10052281 - 3 years ago

Perhaps there aren't any local DVLA offices anymore, but the process is basically the same: you take your foreign registered car for a pre-booked MOT, when it is put on the system prior to the MOT being carried out. The process has thus been started. The approriate form, duly completed and returned to the DVLA, along with the (failed) MOT cert, CG, and perhaps CoC continues that process. The vehicle can then be SORN'd when it has an age related (in some cases) registration.


The web page: https://www.gov.uk/importing-vehicles-into-the-uk/overview

Mentions a "Certificate of Mutual Recognition" which I believe is self-certification, and how to book and attend for a MOT test, and continues to explain the process. There is no mention of a requirement for a "current" MOT.

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Posted by seashore-10052757 - 3 years ago

There are no local DVLA offices so the process to register in the UK is not so quick or straightforward these days.

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Posted by Rat Catcher-10052281 - 3 years ago

I bought a French registered vehicle a few years ago.

To re-register it in UK, all I did was take it for a pre-arranged MOT test, they put it on the system before testing it, I assume, using the VIN.

Then I went along to the nearest DVLA office with the documents, i.e. insurance (French insurance at the time), MOT cert and CG, and probaly CoC, and probably the appropriate form completed, which I think I picked up either at the PO or at the DVLA office. They may be availabe on-line. I probably paid for the Road Fund licence at the same time, i don't remember now, although I do remember two visits so maybe I bought the tax later. They told me I'd receive the Log Book in a few days time so that I could buy the registration plates. I never sent anything to the French authorities, nor informed or cancelled my French insurance. Perhaps I might have told them it was re-registered in UK if they asked but I can't remember them asking or contacting me.

Job done!

Obviously if it was a failure MOT cert, you couldn't pay for the tax but I would have thought it could still be registered.

Incidentally, the reson for re-registering it in UK was because I'd converted it to LPG in the UK and it was easier to re-register in UK than to get it certified in France for LPG for the CT. The French certification for LPG is or was much stricter than in the UK.


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Posted by bandy - 3 years ago

Unfortunatel importing a car into the UK is a lot more complicated than that and takes quite a while.

Te insurance company ae incorrect when they state that one can only cancel for the reasons they state. It's all in the 'Code d'Assurances'

Here is a couple of links that explain under what circumstances one can cancel insurance mid-term.



The second one even gives letter writing examples. I would simply write to the insurance company (not agent) quoting whichever of the reasons applies.

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Posted by Rat Catcher-10052281 - 3 years ago

Just a thought: I don't know the answer:

Can a vehicle be registered in UK with a failed MOT?

If so, take it for a test, knowing full well it will fail, then register it. Then SORN it.

In my experience an imported car (to the UK) has to be put on the register prior to the test taking place. They do this at the testing station these days.

Assuming the vehicle is to be trailered to the UK, leave it on the trailer, explain to the MOT tester the situation and receive a failed MOT cert.

Posted by bartyb - 3 years ago

complete a Declaration de Cessation stating that you've sold your vehicle to your cat, send the insurance company a copy. With the correct piece of paper for the file they should be happy to cancel your policy

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Posted by JohnP-390097 - 3 years ago

I agree it is a bit of a catch 22 situation. My advice would be to reduce the insurance cover to a minimum and carry out any necessary repairs to obtain a CT. The vehice can then be driven to the UK and imported through the normal channels and registered there which will give the necessary proof of export needed to cancel the French insurance.