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Van Conversion

Posted by rison - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Foxie-986308 - 4 years ago

As said I think the issue nowadays would be getting it CT'd, perhaps the rules were not so tight when leaving a camper registered as a van was do-able. Even if you could, if you had your papers checked by the gendarmes at a roadside check or something they might turn it into an issue. Leaving aside the insurance issue if you needed to claim.

I would start by contacting the converter and explaining that you want to bring it to France, they will probably have been asked about this before and will know the score.

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Posted by walnut72 - 4 years ago

when you register it you have to say if it has had any alterations, same as insurance, you would be in a difficult position if you had an accident.

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Posted by vwkompak - 4 years ago

If the conversion was done by someone official you should be able to get a statement from them to say it conforms to regulations. My Bilbos conversion was easy to register in France once I had a VW C of C plus the statement from Bilbos.

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Posted by Iguana Rock - 4 years ago

I don't know anything about vans and conversions of! But I do know that the French are rigid in their rules, they have no flexibility at all so I would be cautious about doing anything that does not conform specifically! I honestly think there could be many 'issues' with this one so I would probably not do it. 

Good Luck if you do go ahead with it as it sounds a great way to afford a camping car!

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Posted by bandy - 4 years ago

All vehicles are manufactured to conform to a 'type'. As has been said, if you alter the vehicle in the way suggested, then you effectively remove it from its 'type approval'.

Here in France it is now a CT failure if a vehicle has been altered in such a way. I myself walked away from a 'campervan' that was still registered as a 'fourgon' for this very reason.

The correct procedure is to have the converted vehicle inspected by DRIRE and you can then go to the Prefecture and have the CG amended to show the new status of the van. Obviously the insurers should be made aware of the situation.

For the OP, the van is of such an age that he should contact the French office of the manufacturer for a conformity certificate for the base vehicle - if they will issue one, and the body converters for one for that side.


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Posted by Vixter-398527 - 4 years ago

It is possible to do but you need to be patient and be prepared for a lot of expense. If the specialist converter in the UK was a member of the  NCC ( National Caravan Council) and you have a certificate of compliance to the EU Norms relating to motorhomes. You are in with a chance, but you will need to prove your weight distribution over the axles complies with the base vehicle manufacturer's specifications. This is done by calculating the bending moments of each compartment from the front axle (Again if the van has NCCcertification it should be available) Next you need to prove that the body work has been altered in compliance with the base manufacturer's specification. The converter should have a document from the manufacturer stating it complies. 

The vehicle will have to be presented to DREAL/DRERE for inspection for a Réception à Titre Isolé (RTI). This has nothing to do with a CT only that it is compliant to French Regulations regaring motorhomes.

Having succesfully gone through this route  ( five months of research and form filling) I have all the information to hand should you wish to persue  the matter - pm for details

THe other option is to do what the French do and that is to buy a van and fit de-mountable /slide in units for when you want to go on holiday, removing them when you are using it as a van.


Hope this helps


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Posted by rison - 4 years ago


Thank you all for the information.

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Posted by Thunderbird one - 4 years ago

That I do not know,

all I know is this is what he did and used it over here for over 8 years.


Just saying what he did

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Posted by JohnP-390097 - 4 years ago

I would suggest that your friend wouldn't get paid out at all except for any 3rd party claim.  Altering the use and specification of any vehicle would surely nulify the certificate of conformity and probably breaches constuction and use regulations. The regulations on making alterations to vehicles here is much more strict in France.

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Posted by Thunderbird one - 4 years ago

To confirm what I said earlier.

The van was a Home Conversion,It was brought to France and registered as a VAN,It was also CT,d as a VAN and insured as a VAN.

Obviously if there was an accident etc then you would only get paid out as a VAN.