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Volvo XC 60. good or bad?

Posted by Init - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by cambridge - 3 years ago

I had one


Most annoying car Ive ever owned.

Stick with an ML or Q5.

DOnt even think about a Renault or a Nissan.


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Posted by steverockers-392585 - 3 years ago

Why not google 'problems VolvoXC60 D4 S/S 5dr'.  Lots of information there.

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Posted by car22 - 3 years ago

Hi we had a volvo s40 2010 over here and struggled to find anyone to service it properly as nobody had the correct diagnostic tool which is called vida dice we ended up taking it to the uk to get sorted then sold it at auction alcopa rennes ,nice car but no good over here if buying 2nd hand . most small garages use delphi diagnostics which does hundreds  of cars but not dealer level and does not do certain things .  .  . 

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Posted by harleyal - 3 years ago

Hi Init, I have have been considering the same option including a XC90 or an XC70. I would be buying an older car rather than new. Try haveing a look at you tube as there are some very good reports of test drives on the Volvo's. As for 2 or 4 wheel drive I currently drive a Ford which served me well even in the harshest winters in the UK. Whater car I get to replace it will be a 4 wheel drive because if you do live in a rural area then this is the most sensible option given the mud on the road and possible snow. Hope this helps and is a bit more constructive. Al.

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Posted by buttermaker - 3 years ago

I had one, it was overpriced and expensive to run. There are better cars out there.

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Posted by JB2014 - 3 years ago

What you need is a Mac.

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Posted by Init - 3 years ago

All I hoped for was to hear from someone who has personal experience of a particular car. For your info the car is not 4wd and the two cars mentioned by Dibbyspot do not compare with the one I mentioned, and the model mentioned does not have high depreciation!.I do not want a Renault or a Honda or a Nissan, or advice on driving in the winter in Normandie. Also I have been living in France long enough to know about new and second hand car prices. All I want is some relevant info, based on experience from anyone who has the same car.

Thank you

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Posted by a3 - 3 years ago

Sorry i meant to add main dealer prices are competitive here, our dealership prices compare favourably againt uk prices....sadly the cost of the car new does not but the secondhand value is increasingly higher. Swings and roundabouts..

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Posted by a3 - 3 years ago

Volvo are not my bag but noted the comments re 4x4. I moved to a 4x4 having bought a rwd drive to normandie. In snow or frosts the rwd was a very poor choice bordering on dangerous, wet muddy roads frequently encountered are as difficult. We moved to an suv same manufacturer,  permanent 4wd and it was brilliant. We have just changed back to an estate also same manufacturer having missed the load length but also permanent 4wd and overall the ride and handling is better. My point is that i think 4wd is really a sensible option in rural france and a non 4wd suv is a waste of time.....poorer handling with no benefits.....and penalties in poorer economy and often reduced load length.


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Posted by Lapin-436112 - 3 years ago

so far we only had renault cars in France because parts are easily available and cheap! My parents in law have a Honda CRV (4x4) and the costs are just crazy compared to ours! its just stupid, they spent thousands a year in servicing and small repairs...I cant imagine a Volvo being any cheaper!

Great car yes, If you can afford it then go for it!