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Christmas Carols and mince pies anywhere?

Posted by thewritersroom-401251 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by thewritersroom-401251 - 3 years ago

Following on from this - I notice there's a Carol Service in Huelgoat Sun 16th Dec, does anyone have any more info? What's it like, how long is it? I was really hoping to find en event that included singing as well as the mince pies etc but it seems these are not too easy to find in Finistere..

Has anyone heard of other events since the last posting?


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Posted by thewritersroom-401251 - 3 years ago

Thank you for all of these suggestions. I'm going to try and bring the family to a couple of these events so we can get intot hte festive spirit. After 11 years here, I still really miss Christmas carols & mince pies as part of the celebrations!

: )

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Posted by rosieholt - 3 years ago

Bonjour de l'Angleterre,

There is a chants de Noel in the Church of St Merec In Kergrist (56) on Sunday 13th Dec. Organized by  amis et voisins (French/English) , usually well attended & popular....mince pies too!

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Posted by salsachica - 3 years ago

Many a Mickle are putting on a Christmas concert on 11th Dec @ 8.30pm followed by mince pies and mulled wine. I went last year and it was brilliant! Songs are in French & English. Some Christmas carols and some well known Christmas songs. Audience participation very much welcomed!

It's being held in the church at Kergrist-Moëlou 22110, dept 22

The concert is free but as the group have overheads plus they print out song sheets, donations are very much welcomed.

Dress up warm as the church is quite chilly!




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Posted by thewritersroom-401251 - 3 years ago

A big thanks to everyone for these suggestions.

Not sure if there will indeed be carols at the Craft Fair, but it already sounds good! I really hope there will be an event full of festive atmosphere plus the mince pies and singing, that would be so wonderful and Christmassy!

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Posted by Altodoit - 3 years ago

I gave the wrong phone number in the above post! 0689030462 is the right one! :-)

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Posted by georgeV-988991 - 3 years ago

The Church of England in Brittany is holding 4 Carol Services.  Details here:


and I think they might have minced pies available.

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Posted by Altodoit - 3 years ago

We're having a Christmas Craft fair in the Salle Polyvalente in Poullaouen on 19th December 10-18h (Association Les Puces). We're planning on having lots of lovely mince pies and mulled wine, it would be wonderful if we could combine this with some carol singing. It would be wonderful if we could combine the two and have the Chantimor singers come along. Let me know what you think! :-) Alexandra / maldwyn_davies@hotmail.com

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Posted by MrsMiggles - 3 years ago

If anyone else is missing this sort of Christmas "do" - then maybe we can help put one on for you.

If you can find a suitable room, (not too big)  such as a church hall  or the back room of a bar & some volunteers to help out with making the mincey-pies, we can provide most well-known Christmas carols & songs & a very silly Mummers Play (which is mercifully short!)

We are "Chantimor", based near Pontivy, but will venture further afield to a more central location for everyone. We are an association which normally sings sea shanties, but we change our hats at Xmas & put on something sparkly instead.  Songs are in French, English and some are in Latin.

Lyrics to all the songs provided, so you can have a good ol' singalong.

Please note that this is not a commercial venture, but we ask for a small donation to the association to cover our costs. This can be made by charging a nominal price at the door or by holding raffles etc.

So - hands up if interested!

For further info, please contact the secretary at: Chantimor@yahoo.fr