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David Bowie

Posted by vichy-445734 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Kernowboy-10061199 - 3 years ago

Nothing fake about my sorrow, nor my sorrow for the hundreds of service men and women who die for their country, nor for the children abducted and murderd, nor for the.....well I could go on. My sorrow is genuine for each and every one of them but for someone to suggest that it's fake just makes me wonder where that persons heart is.  Because David Bowie is someone we all appreciated and enjoyed it's a sorrow we can share, nothing wrong with that. 

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Posted by moi-383589 - 3 years ago

It was a 'direct cremation' so no funeral.

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Posted by lover - 3 years ago

I hear David Bowie opted for a direct funeral, a simple cremation with no service no ceremony and no family or friends present. I think that is the funeral I would choose when my time comes. Is this type of funeral available here in France for French residents.

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Posted by chillipepper-883242 - 3 years ago

For some people it isn't just the mourning of the person who has passed, its the triggering of memories that can be very emotional, whether joyous, sad or whatever. 

Music is very emotive and can take you back to a particular time or place in an instant. Just by hearing one particular record I am taken right back to my teen years and can even still feel the butterflies in my stomach at the anticipation of going on a date to the school disco with a first love.  The whole of my life can be mapped out  by one record or another.

Sorrow and sadness can be felt on many levels, and feeling sad at  the death of a well-known person doesn't mean that you can't also feel sorrow for all those who died in war or in tragic circumstances or who are suffering.


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Posted by mavis cruet-909959 - 3 years ago

 Blottos and chillipeppers posts sum it up quite nicely. People like Bowie were hugely influential and their equivalents don't seem to exist today. He pushed the boundries of music, style, gender, self expression to name but a few in days when homosexuality was illegal and gender roles were inflexible and defined. Some may say they were the good old days but I don't agree.  People like him made it ok to be who you were instead of having to conform to society's narrow view of who you should be, dress, have your hair cut etc.

Having had to endure the weeks of mass hysteria that followed Diana's death I don't feel the need to apologise for mourning the loss of someone far more talented and influential who also helped change society for the better

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Posted by No longer Online - 3 years ago

I am tone deaf, couldnt hold a tune in a bucket but I know good music when I hear it.  Sorrow yes fake no, I feel sad at the passing of David Bowie, I also feel sad when I hear of  our brave soldiers being killed on the battlefield, our policeman being killed and injured on the streets of our country, innocent people dying all over the world in the most unimaginable ways.  We as individuals cannot do anything about these things but we can remember those who have passed on, and that includes everyone and spare a thought for all of them, their relatives and friends.

And by the way our war dead are not forgotten, we have Rememberance day, They will never be forgotten!

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Posted by jackorjason - 3 years ago

Unless you kept in touch I'm not sure you could call him a friend - just someone you met !

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Posted by blotto - 3 years ago

I find it hard to understand why somebody would want to put down those who feel an emotional attachment to somebody they have never met.  That is the power of music and, if you can't understand it and don't get it, then I feel sorry for you.  But being different is no bad thing, just don't try and spread negativity about something that you're unable to experience. 

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Posted by chillipepper-883242 - 3 years ago

People like David Bowie touch peoples lives  in more ways than just something to listen to, dance to or sing along with.

Some years ago music played a large part in helping my cousin come out of a coma, after a hit and run accident. Playing tapes of his favourite singers/bands seemed to somehow connect with him in his comatose state  in which he  had been for several weeks. 

Similarly, it can be beneficial to people with dementia and autism and probably other conditions, so yes I believe it can be life-changing, in no matter how large or small a way. Whether it be by inspiring and influencing someone's way through life or by becoming part of someone else's memories.

RIP David Bowie, a musical genius, master of re-invention and forever part of my youth.




Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 years ago

If there was a like it button on angloinfo,I would of clicked it for the two last posts. xx