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French Tv

Posted by grumposgirl - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by bartyb - 3 years ago

If you turned on the antenna power setting on the TNT box go around the house and check for cable connectors and splitters and make sure they're all firmly connected, there may be a power supply somewhere around that connects into the aerial cable, this MUST be connected in and connected to electricity.

Check that the aerial is pointing in roughly the right direction (it doesn't need to be degree perfect) just compare it to your neighbors or if you're isolated have a look at TNTtest.org

If none of that works then it's time to get on the roof and check connections out there.

There's very little to go terminally wrong with a terestrial TV aerial other than physical breakdown.

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Posted by taxes - 3 years ago

well, assuming you are using a dish for the english channels with a box...

to also have the french channels you will need a second box and have another dish or antenna (different satelite!). have you done all that? then its just the tuning of the antenna or dish i guess?

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Posted by grumposgirl - 3 years ago

thanks  - weve tried the retune but still cant tune into anything unfortunately


Posted by bartyb - 3 years ago

Assuming that you bought a TNT box for around €30 and an aerial on the roof and that your TV can see the box (so you're seeing the box set-up menu)  then the first thing that I'd try doing would be to turn on the antenna power setting on the box and try a retune. If that doesn't work then it's a process of eliminationand working through.


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Posted by Rudge - 3 years ago

I just have an aeriel, positioned for French TV, and a sat box and dish for UK TV .

On my remote I can just change the input from 'antenna' for French, and HDMI for the UK from satbox 

'simples'    ?

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Posted by wizzywhiskas - 3 years ago

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