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internet speeds

Posted by walnut72 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by kathyd2 - 4 years ago

We have satellite but with Nordnet. It's not bad when it's working, but it's almost unusable at certain times of day - notably 9am-ish (people arriving at work??), lunchtime (school kids on mobile internet?) and 5pm-ish (people coming home?).  It's been getting worse recently, and some days it's hard to get anything done at all. Definitely don't watch TV, listen to radio, download big files where possible, because of limited allowance during the month. Not ideal.  However, we keep getting told we're due for optic fibre at some point soon - still waiting for evidence of that, but we live in hope.  Might be worth asking at your mairie if your commune has any plans for this?

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Posted by paul & nadine - 4 years ago

I was with Orange, and used to check the speeds using one of the free speed testing sites.  Orange did some maintenance and the measured speed available went up dramatically. I contacted Orange to ask for a cheaper deal, which should have then been possible, but was told that It was physically impossible, and that nothing could be done.  I then went onto the SFR site,checked my line, and straight away got the higher speed. I have been with SFR now for about 2 years with no problems.

I suggest two things:

  Check the linespeed, and  what SFR will offer.

   If speed is still slow complain to Orange, but say that your Internet connection frequently cuts off (coupage intermittant frequant). They'll probably send someone out to check the line, and perhaps things will improve.

You might not want to change to SFR, but if they offer you  a package which includes phone calls over the internet and tv, it should be available.

In my case I am convinced Orange was either being dishonest, because they charged more for the separate calls, etc than the all inclusive deal, or incompetent. Either way not good.

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Posted by Kernana-407546 - 4 years ago

THe Scotland speed should be reversed....my bad.

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Posted by Kernana-407546 - 4 years ago

To put it in another perspective, my current speed is 2.23 mbps download and 0.59 mbps upload speed via Orange.fr. I have just asked the same question of several friends around the globe and the results are Scotland 12.59 up and 2.78 down, Japan 36.76 Down and 8.12 up.......!!!!!

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Posted by Explorer-386899 - 4 years ago

OVH offer a good service and optimise the quality of your line.

Even though, because we are in a rural area and miles away from the exchange, we get:

 Download iat 2.05 mbps  and upload at 0.51 mbps, it is much better than when we got 7 or 8 mbps when using satellite and Nordnet!  The quality was rubbish. And we had to pay France Telecom for the separate telephone line so we had another provider, Phonexpat for international calls:  Result, avetage telecomms bills of 80 euros per month!

With OVH, all telephone calls included in the internet as we have left France Telecome altogether, and it costs us 29.99 euros per month; international dialling to most countries for up to one hour, per call, inclluded in that cost.  It was the best decision we made to go to OVH in terms of cost and quality.  With OVH, we can skype even... something very tricky when using Nordnet and satellite. . ..... so it is the management of your line that matters.  


You can check out here what potential you can get on your line.




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Posted by kerguen - 4 years ago

If you had around 5 when you first came here - it shouldn't have dropped so much - it varies with the amount of usage of others on the line but not that much.  Get an engineer out to check your line.

The engineers are more savvy about what is available  and what speed you should get than the help desk at orange as you have found.

We had an engineer out suffering with the same sort of problem and they changed something at the exchange (my husband is the tech savvy guy) and put us on RE adsl but also if you don't get satisfaction that you are getting the best possible speeds (ie sounds like you should be around 5 -8) go higher up to manager level.


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Posted by Chrispy-108529 - 4 years ago

With twoway you need advice on the satelite for your area. ours is very busy and I have found in the small print that if you have used more than 50% of your monthly quota and there is too much demand, you will be throttled back. I pay for 20 mbs download speed and have had 0.7mb down load which is as bad or worse than orange.

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Posted by dabbityduck-384379 - 4 years ago

Your line-speed will also depend on what your neighbours are doing; if you now have people sharing your exchange that are playing on-line games/downloading films etc, these will all adversely impinge on your reception..

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Posted by mechanician - 4 years ago

Fast internet speeds in French rural areas leave a lot to be desired! what ever provider you have on the  telephone wire, all  here depend on Orange (France Telecom). The more the distance from the Tel exchange, the worse the speed! At distnace of over 7 Km there is service called Re -ADSL (Reach extended ADSL)  which used to be offered for hard to reach areas, with a download speed of 500K else b and upload of 125Kb (Little better than dial up)  After 10 years we still have it, as there is nothing if you change supplier. Broadband here is really limited on your distance from the exchange. Fibre optic roll out  here is suffering from lack of funding and Sat internet is costed on time used, so be careful, if switching to this.

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Posted by georgeV-988991 - 4 years ago

Have you tried ringing the English Speaking Helpline rather than going into the Orange shop where I have found the staff here in Redon to be less than helpful, in fact quite obstructive.

I have also experienced a drop in speed to around the same level as you and the staff at the ESH located the problem and sent an engineer to correct it within 24 hours.