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Satelite Broadband

Posted by bethali - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by woodlandsruth - 4 years ago

would recomend Barty we have used him for nordnet and tooway we live in 22 first class service

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Posted by Monkeynut-937976 - 4 years ago

It can vary a little but roughly we are about 19.04 Mbps

we live in a dip also and signal was originally poor but it's quick off the mark for us now and we have boosters around the house too as our walls are so thick and I get 5 bars if I am at the other side of the house on my internet phone etc .

it may not work well on cost or system for everyone but for us it was the option we had and took and also no more nightmares with the Orange company who just did nothing but rub their heads !!.




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Posted by Dave Evans-439024 - 4 years ago

What speed do you get Monkeynut?

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Posted by Monkeynut-937976 - 4 years ago

We had satellite broadband put in about a month or so ago by Barty (yeah that one you can't trust lol :))).  ) No seriously he saved our bacon as Orange FR were dreadful trying to sort us out. (How many engineers does it take to stand and look at a faulty box??...in our case 3 )

But on a good note we are happy and we don't need a landline as we have skype , free calls to uk on our mobiles etc but broadband was most important .

Good thing is when everyone is on the interent on norma, internet it can slow you down but on satellite we find it efficient and no moments of slowness , the downfalls are when we get bad weather we sometimes get intermittent but I can cope with that and thanks to Bart he was knowledgable and helpful and we live in 56 and nothing too much trouble and no I am not related to him , no I have not given birth to him and no to everything else before anyone asks !!!

Posted by bartyb - 4 years ago


( it is me, before anyone posts "don't trust him that's his company")

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Posted by ricksdad - 4 years ago

IMHO i would say that it is not allways about who is the cheapest, i would allways go for a local company on my doorstep as when there are problems the installer from a great distance  will not want to know, or will be very expensive as a call out as they will not be making any new commission on a allready sold contract and the distance from rostrenen and montours 35 is quite a distance, there are allways issues at sometime with satellite broadband.


anyway good luck, you can arrange satellite broadband by any orange shop or SFR shop or tooway.fr

there are many choices.

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Posted by sophie hunton - 4 years ago

I have broadband via satellite with nordnet,you can rent the gear for 10€ a month instead of buying it,there are various options on monthly usage packages ,we have 20go plus unlimited after 11pm and telephone for 44.90€ a month,they send the kit straight to you and you can put it up yourself or get someone in.I put mine up myself.

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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 4 years ago

Hi.we use Parabolica, we find he knows his job and always willing to help.sabc15.