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Posted by cruguelgas-406095 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Chalkmarks - 3 years ago

Oh.. I should have added that if you live in a favourable location in Central Brittany... high up (Plesidy/Le Vieux Bourg/Lanfains - is pretty much the limit) or nearer the coast then with a good aerlal (preferably a correctly 'grouped' UK aerial -if still available- and good quality amplifier ) you'll be able to receive Freeview from the Channel Islands.

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Posted by Chalkmarks - 3 years ago

A curious thing about the Samsung I bought here late last year is that although it has a satellite receiver built into it it does not have any Freesat functionality unless I go into the service menu settings (not recommended unless you are VERY careful) and reset the country settings as UK... then all works perfectly as a Freesat set BUT then it loses ALL capabilty to receive normal French terrestrial channels as well as many "Smart" functions!

Resetting the country settings to UK then all Freesat channels have to be resorted manually and there is a very limited programme guide and only basic operation on satellite channels...

I know there is/was a slight difference between UK digital terrestrial and French - some earlier UK digital models did not work here in France. I think there is an issue too with French/European mainland models not receiving UK HD terrestrial.

I would strongly recommend purchasing a set designed for the country it is going to operate in and then use a Humax box (or similar Freesat box) for the UK Freesat channels. 

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Posted by cruguelgas-406095 - 3 years ago

Sorted.Thanks to all.

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Posted by stagthelad - 3 years ago

Why not buy here in France. Lots of offers on at the moment. 40 inch(102cm) LED at Leclerc 339euros, also a 54inch (138cm) LED 3Dactive smart tv 569 euros. Worth thinking about, plus 2 years guaranty. Just need a satelite dish to receive UK programmes. That's what we did and had no problems.

Posted by bartyb - 3 years ago

A UK TV with FreeView (and you'll be hard pushed to source a TV without) will work with a terestrial TV aerial to receive TNT programs, certainly standard definition and possibly HD too. It will also work fine with a Sky/FreeSat/generic satellite box and all kinds of DVD player/recorder. The only thing to be aware of is that many new TVs only have one Scart connection, if that's an issue for you you may need to get a switch box so that you can connect more.


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Posted by Freda Checks - 3 years ago

Freeview will not work in France.

If you can get a TV with Freesat built in it will be a bonus as you will be able to watch UK TV using a satelite dish.

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Posted by countrydweller - 3 years ago

What sort of aerial/dish do you have and do you have a decoder of any sort?.And what if it goes wrong?