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Wedding band

Posted by Brois - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Briand-382322 - 3 years ago

We used to play very successfully for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.  It was a good mix of pop and other music that got everyone up dancing.  We retired a few years ago but if there are any musicians out there who would like to have a go at a party set we are up for another go!  We are fairly near to Lorient.  We can get you the set list with words,  music and chords.  It was great fun so email us if you want to give it a whirl and then we could help out.

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Posted by Brois - 3 years ago

Type of music we are after is typical wedding music. The band must be lively, fun and get people on the dancefloor.  It's a summer wedding, small enough group, but we want our guests to really enjoy themselves.


Not too picky about set list really once its good fun:

A good mix of: Soul, Pop/Disco, Modern hits and Rock would be ideal! :)

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Posted by Brois - 3 years ago


Thank you all so much for your replies! We are still looking so I'll contact those of you who replied above individually! :)

Our wedding is on July 25th this year so we're keen to get something sorted in the new month or two.


If anyone else has more suggestions, please send them on. 


Thanks again, we really appreciate it.

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Posted by A Name With No Horse - 3 years ago

Hello Brian,

 We're a 4-piece band of experienced musicians who have played at many weddings. We play 60s / 70s / 80s material and can adapt to whatever you want, We are all English and can travel easily to Lorient, Please get in touch if we can be of any help to you.

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Posted by georgeV-988991 - 3 years ago

Electric Blue are very good and regularly play at Le Rosbif near to Redon.  You can contact them on 0299719533.  They are based in the Redon area but regularly play long distances away.

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Posted by chrisbev - 3 years ago

what date are you thinking of? We are a five piece British band playing sixties,seventies and eighties based near lorient, email if you are interested. Thanks chris

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Posted by 001sugarplum - 3 years ago

There's a brilliant rock band with French and Irish musicians called 'We Don't Know' from somewhere not too far from Lorient.


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Posted by darkwoodjack - 3 years ago

You do not say what type of music you want but if you would like a professanl Irish band I can help you .would need to know .when,where,inside outside,how long you want the band to play for and of course your budget.



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Posted by ericthecleric - 3 years ago

Could help you, but largely depends on your required repertoire as I assume you are looking for a band playing essentially commercial danceable music?   Is it for a summer date?