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A few questions about College

Posted by Jack1-977774 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Live&Love - 4 years ago

me again, to spoke to my friend whose son is moving up this year.  The school their son is going to is not the college the headmaster is pushing for nor is it private and in a different area. They live in 22 but he's going to a school in 29. They did the pre inscription at the open day. Out of 12 boys 8 are going to the school in 29, 2 private and 2 to the college the headmaster iwants them to go to. The only problem was the headmaster only organised a bus to the college he wants the kids to go to, so up to the parents to sort out visits for other schools.

she did mention don't forget to get the brevet de natation. With at least 25m on it but some schools will ask for 50m.

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Posted by pacco - 4 years ago

Hello Jack1,

 Really it is just the same as going off to high school in the uk, you go to high school with in your area.   Most of the children all go off to the same college.

  If you really want to go to a high school/college outside of your area then you need to contact the Mairie of this area.

If you want to go private  make an appointment with the private school.

There are no exams to sit for college, so don't worry about a refusal,  kids do there exams before the end of the summer term and only if the child has learning problems they then re double CM2.

Why not get your child to ask the teacher  when  do they get to visit the college,  keep an eye on the notice board for when the college have their open days.  If you know of the name of the college look up their site and it should state.

 The best place for you to go is your Mairie ask  which college the children go and web address for the bus, 

ask  if they have a list of private colleges in or around your area and again the web address for the bus, it should be the same.  You just type in the name of the college and  village you live in.


Don't get stressed about it, it is all easy.

Hard bit is going around Leclerc with the A4 size list of books/folders/pens/paints  etc etc


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Posted by Jack1-977774 - 4 years ago

That's me getting confused then, the bit about of having to wait for an acceptance letter I took as meaning the applicant could also be refused and had to wait for a letter to find out if it was a yes or a no.

The onisep.fr website is helpful, thanks.

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Posted by Live&Love - 4 years ago

Never heard of anyone applying for more than one college. Lycée yes but not college. Wouldn't of thought you would be refused from either college. The bus form we were given got sent to consiel general then we had correspondence from that company. When searching for a bus for my daughters lycee I went to the bus office.  What area/school you looking at?  Then hopefully someone with correct   Website can help

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Posted by Jack1-977774 - 4 years ago

Thanks again - both replies really informative and appreciated.

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Posted by Jack1-977774 - 4 years ago

Thanks for the reply. Plenty there we didn't know and has thrown up a few additional questions:

Is it the norm to apply for more than one College (in case of any refusal)?

Is refusal likely if applying to a Private College?

In a case of Private College, where online would there be information about School Buses?

(The individual establishments websites don't provide info on any of this).

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Posted by pacco - 4 years ago


Sorry not in your department

My daughter went last year and son is off in September.  Son came home today with a note stating they are off to the college for a day in April.  This happened last year with daughter, they have a visiting day & later at the end of term the college has an open day for parents & children to visit.

In our Area there is only one college  or 3  private.

Letters,  & forms regarding canteen & bus came home before the end of term last year with my daughter.   We did ask in the Mairie about the bus, (they can give you their web site)  all be arranged on line if your french is up to it.  As our village is spilt in two by the national there was no bus collecting on our side we managed to arrange for a new bus route & stop . last year we paid 91.00 euros for the bus pass. We applied on line in July (there was a time limit) pass arrived a week before college started.

Don't understand how the canteen fees work, we pay per month by cheque more if you pay direct debit.   Pay the whole month even if there is holidays, was told by a friend we stop paying in April as it works itself out.   Will wait & see.

Daughters bus leaves at 8.20 morning and night 5.10  arrives back at 5.35.   Wednesday bus arrives back 12.35  no afternoon

Not to sure what  paper work we had to send in hubby did it all,  Birth certificate, Blue Family book. Medical book and copies of vacines etc.

Hope this helps

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Posted by Live&Love - 4 years ago

I shall answer to the best of my knowledge as its been 2 years since my youngest moved to college.

no they don't all start and finish at same times, some start 8, 8.15, 8.30 and same with finishing if you say between 4.20-5pm then your safe depends on their lessons and when they have perm (free period).  yes Wednesday is half a day . No inscription not automatic you need to visit colleges do pre inscription at college and tell your cm2 teacher where you would like to go. then you wait for letter from college accepting you woth list of information that you need to send back. This could take up to july depending on the teacher. The only other thing you would need to sort out is the bus to and from college if required. It was our cm2 teacher who gave us the form for the school in June. 


Website te look at onisep.fr they will have the open day information on and direct links to website

Hope that helps a bit anyway. I'm sure other people will of had different experiences. If your in an area that has several colleges don't assume you have to go to the one the teacher says. It's your choice not theirs.