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Posted by kellyorchard - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by kellyorchard - 4 years ago

Ok thanks - will do :)

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Posted by Live&Love - 4 years ago

Your welcome, if you have any other questions that we might be able to help with for your son. Send me a pm ????

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Posted by kellyorchard - 4 years ago

thank you so much for your advice - it is extremely helpful.

Re Brittany, I was referring to the time it took to drive from Roscoff to Les Resto.  Again HUGE thanks for your advice :)

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Posted by kellyorchard - 4 years ago

Thank you everyone.  Liveandlove you have been very encouraging :)

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Posted by Harry Dresden - 4 years ago

As you are in Morbihan he has the right to go to Grand Air (lycée and collège). It is about an hour from Vannes in La Baule - it is a state run ensemble scolaire so free but the weekly boarding costs about 1 600€ a year.

He would most probably have to go into troisième at the collège and do the school brevet. If he takes the OIB option then he would have the advantage that being a native English speaker would bring which would help balance out his lack of French. If he is good at history, geography and English literature then this is a good option.   

Once he has the brevet then he can go into seconde at lycée and see how he gets on. It is a good school - the eldest went there after only 3 years at collège and worked hard and has done very well with a law degree from Nantes and is admitted to the Paris bar and now working in Paris for an international law firm. Her younger brother is now in premier there and is very happy. It is hard work but if your son wants to get somewhere then this is a good school to start at.  

He may lose some time catchng up but as state universities and lycées are free and accesible up to the age of 25 this is not a problem. If he doesn't want to do an academic degree there are plenty of other options available - Grand Air for instance offers a BTS (eqivalent to a HND) in Tourisme.


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Posted by MrsMiggles - 4 years ago

What does your son intend to do with his life? Is he academic? Is he better with his hands?

Bieuzy les Eaux is a very small place, so his nearest lycée will most likely  be in Pontivy.

(By the way, the county is Morbihan & the region is Brittany - you won't be 2,5 hrs from Brittany - you will be deep in its countryside!)

The local schools are pretty used to having British children in them. It will take him about 6 months to get into the swing of speaking French (as a local lad would), but it will take quite a bit longer to write it correctly. His speaking level will be that of his friends. A lot depends on his academic level & how much he enjoys reading & writing.

Having an English teacher will be pointless if you want him to live with you here in the countryside. He will have to be thrown in the deep end.

Don't expect Brittany to offer the same sort of help that the UK offers to immigrants. It doesn't! But he will get support from his new mates, and hopefully, will find some teachers to be helpful.

As has been suggested, there is an international school in Rennes, but he would have to board (as it's about 2hrs away) and, as far as I know,  they still take the French Baccalauréat.

It has also been suggested that he does his 'A' levels by distance learning. Again - what does he want to do? They will be useless if he wishes to go on to further education in France.

If your son is academic & enjoys all the classic lessons: maths, biology, physics & chemistry, history & geography & has 2 languages (English & either Spanish or German) - then you should enrol him into a general lycée. He should go into the class called "seconde" while he is learning French. There are no important exams in that year.  He then chooses which Baccalauréat he is going to take & goes into "première", then "Terminale" - by which point he will know more about the school system than you will.

However, to arrive at 16 & prepare for the Baccalauréat  is a  BIG ask unless he's a very smart cookie!

If he is not academic, then he can go to a professional lycée to study electronics, catering, plumbing, accountancy.... loads of different stuff.

The person you should be talking to at his age is the head teacher of the lycée.

Google "lycée - Pontivy" and have a look at their websites. You will notice that there are lycées which are "privée" this means they are Catholic & fee paying. The fees are not very expensive & you don't have to be a Catholic to go there. There are "publique" lycées - free of charge. There are lycées "générale" (academic) & lycées pro (professional)

This website also gives info about education in France.

You have a lot of leg work to do. Good luck to you and your son.

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Posted by Live&Love - 4 years ago

I know a few people that moved over with their folks at 16/17. They had french lessons then did pop fle progressed onto another course and now have jobs in french companies at what they are trained at. So very good possibilities for kellyorchard's son

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Posted by Foxie-986308 - 4 years ago

Well Suziepops, after that he could still go to the mission locale couldn't he? With better French than he has now, having lived here for a couple of years, and with more knowledge and a few more qualifications under his belt, albeit not French ones. 

Of course he might eventually decide he wants to go back to the UK in any case, in which case A-levels might come in handy.

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Posted by suziepops - 4 years ago

And what pray, will he do after that?  Probably move back to the UK.

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Posted by Foxie-986308 - 4 years ago

If an international school isn't possible, agree with live&love's suggestion. Starting in a normal French school at 16 with very little French would be pointless. His age group would have started being orientated towards their BACs, at that age it's getting competitive with pressure to get good results. He would be a fish out of water. IMHO it would be impossible for any British 16 year old, even with good French, to get to grips with everything he would need to catch up on, assimilate to the different teaching methods and expectations, learn the exam techniques required, do all the work which includes private study and a lot of homework (which most kids need their parents to help them with), and sit his BACs in a couple of years. Making him try would be cruel.

Other than that, maybe sign him up with an online outfit to continue studying for his A levels?