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fet advert this week find my past

Posted by stewart lyon - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by stewart lyon - 4 years ago

go to DUSTY DOCS        or to family search.org    ,I did untick all the right boxes at find my past and they continued,and I have a friend who is still having his  fee taken 3 months after trying to cancel

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Posted by buster-784461 - 4 years ago

I hate it when you have to UNclick a box!!!

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Posted by Jo Taylor-790528 - 4 years ago

I've now seen the advert at the top of the Anglo-Info discussion page - they rotate, so it wasn't there when I first answered.

If you read the terms and conditions, it clearly says:

"After the initial 30 day period, your subscription will be automatically renewed at the normal price of £9.95 unless you un-tick the 'auto-renew my subscription box' in the My Account section of the site."

So, all you need to do is to untick the box.

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Posted by Jo Taylor-790528 - 4 years ago

I'm not sure what 'fet' means here?

I've used Find My Past now and then, taking out the odd month's subscription, sometimes on the £1 offer, and using different cards. They have never taken any further funds, the most that happens is an email to remind you that it's expired and a suggestion to renew.

I had a one-month subscription run out a few days ago and received an email: "Your one month subscription to findmypast has just run out. Renew it now for just £9.95 to ensure you don’t miss out on our incredible collections, "

I haven't, they haven't taken any money, and I no longer have access to the payable areas. When I have more research to do, I'll take another month's sub.

Are you sure you didn't tick (or untick) a 'renew automatically' box?

Which free sites have access to all the censuses?

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Posted by lover - 4 years ago

I agree.