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2014 income tax

Posted by solarstat - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Philealing - 4 years ago

That conversion figure is the same as the one published by The Connexion so that's good.

Nothing to stop expats doing their forms online. I have done it for the past two and will be doing mine again this year. In the past you have needed a combination of three reference numbers from various sources. You may well have to simply enter your Número Fiscal and then chose the "forgotten my password" option. I expect I will end up doing the same.

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Posted by solarstat - 4 years ago

Thank you Jon - extremely kind of you to share - I do have another question and maybe you can help- I have received my tax form all prefilled and should be able to submit my return online - but try as I may I am unable to access myspace - originally I did have a login with a password for habitation but that doesn't work anymore so tried the "set a password" filling in the 3 lines but won't accept - is this because expats are not able to - Janet

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Posted by Kerroux - 4 years ago

Guincamp tax office gave me a rate of  1.2402.