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Applying for French Nationality

Posted by SandraEC - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by littlefish-439129 - 4 years ago

Another  good reason for having nationality ,only french nationals are allowed 'in' military bases too have free access for work. Been there, done it, got it......... as for retired people, don't know if there are advantages but can only presume so. If you seriousely live here then why not ?

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Posted by goldman-817387 - 4 years ago

yes Ive done it and now have French nationality;  You must go to the prefecture and get a folder to fill in; It all depends on your age, if you are under 60 you must take a language test and pass , according to the dossier you will be require to speak french like a school leaver. If you are over 60 this is no longer required, but you will still be expected to speak to a good level.   next you will need a paper from the police in England called subject access showing any criminal record, then you will need a lot of translations of things like birth certs marriage certs ,parents certs also  plus diviorce certs etc, they will need details of children etc , they will want to know you income; and assets etc, you will have an interview with the gendarme , it all takes a long time n my case nearly 3 years but I think its worth it so good luck.

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Posted by Lumbersexual-992851 - 4 years ago

I had a situation where we were called into a government establishment/military base for tree work only to find out that I only accompany the team as far as the gate.

If I wish to put in for grounds care contracts for these places then I need to change my nationality it seems...



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Posted by Andsoonandsoforth-399880 - 4 years ago

Hi, I am doing this at the moment. I recently sent all the paperwork off with covering letter as it said on the governement website. I got a phonecall a few days later to say the system had changed and applications are no longer recieved by post but you have to phone an make an appointment. It was left that the lady will phone me back in June (ish) to make said appointment. I asked her what the procedure was for the interview and she said it would be a few questions about the geagraphy etc of France.

As to the advantages and disadvantages-they will be different for each applicant. Im my case it is because I was asked to do something that I cannot do unless I have French nationality!

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Posted by babydriver - 4 years ago

I didn't know the procedure had changed.


As to advantages and disadvantages, well it's a personal thing really, whether you have some reason for wanting French nationality that makes it worth the hassle of applying.