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arranging house sale from UK

Posted by rosa-462319 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by rosa-462319 - 3 years ago

Thanks to all who posted  advice.  I hope there will be no problem to being present, this query was just in case of emergencies.

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Posted by vivaofsnape - 3 years ago

as stated previously you give somebody else whom you trust power of attorney. They should liaise with you and only sign the Acte when you have agreed it. If you have no trusted representative in France then you can give power of attorney to a Notaire. If both parties need to use this method then it might be prudent to use different Notaires. If your understanding of French is not good, then use a UK solicitor that specialises in French property to review the Compromis and the Acte before you get your representative to sign. 

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Posted by moi-383589 - 3 years ago

I bought 2 properties without being present for the signing. It's not about it not being important enough to be physically present it's often about being far away and not able to be there. The notaires did everything, kept me informed and all contracts were sent to for perusal and signing before the final exchange.

I was able to have someone, on each occasion, able to go to each house to record electricity/water readings to make sure there was no confusion afterwards.

In this case, it would be easy for the same notaire to act for both the buyer and the seller-less complicated and can save time.

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Posted by MockTheCasbah-979852 - 3 years ago

As far as I am aware, the seller simply hands the sale over to his Notaire and he does everything. The Notaire will contact both parties for signatures and make sure the payments are made.

As long as the seller keeps an eye on progress and the buyer does their part, all should be well.

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Posted by buttermaker - 3 years ago

Thank you avoican for answering my question. I'm not sure why you needed to use quite that tone though. Personally I have always been present when signing for property but I suppose for many people it is not such an important matter in their lives and can be left to others.

I also know that there are many problems in my local area alone where a Brit has sold a house to another Brit in the UK without going through the necessary process in France. The mess left behind after this practise can be long drawn out and expensive to put right. In one case the second owner sold on again. The current owner is now trying to formalise the ownership of 'her' house but needs to track down the first owner as, in the eyes of the law, he still owns the property and will be responsible for any charges due on it. Much simpler to face up to your responsibilities and deal with the buying and selling of French property properly, in France.

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Posted by avoican - 3 years ago

Why wouldn't it be desirable ??? its a standard practice to give your notaire a power of attorny to effect the sale in your absence , works perfectly and has done since Napoleonic times , if you have agreed the price send the details of the buyer to your notaire and he/she will do the rest ...

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Posted by buttermaker - 3 years ago

The sale has to be carried out by a Notaire in France. Doing everything by correspondence might be possible but would it be desirable?