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Auto entrepeneur - new rules

Posted by LVK56 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by jonandorice-424408 - 3 years ago

Yes. I downloaded the forms and sent off photocopies of original registration papers, ID, proof of domicile etc and received everything back within two days telling me there was nothing to do as I was already registered. Confused ? .... at least I have proof should anyone ask.

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Posted by chillipepper-883242 - 3 years ago

I too emailed the Chambre de Metiers and have been advised that we don't need to do anything as we are already registered with them.  My husband registered with the CdM in 2007 as micro-entreprise but opted for the regime simplifie in 2009 when AE was created, I registered as AE in 2013 but I had to do it through the CdM too, it couldn't be completed online.  This may be why we don't need to do anything now.

So it may be worth checking with your CdM if you are in a  similar situation.



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Posted by teddyruxspin - 3 years ago

just shows the axx dont know what the elbow is doing!!!

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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

Good news then. Make sure you save the email preciously in case a different person in a different office thinks otherwise ;-)

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Posted by teddyruxspin - 3 years ago

Confused now!!! E-mailed CMA about the new regs and the dead line of 19/12 this is what the reply was.

La réponse est la suivante : Vous êtes immatriculé auRépertoire des Métiers depuis septembre 2012. Votre situation est donc conformeà la réglementation. Vous n’avez aucune formalité à accomplir


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Posted by steve the painter - 3 years ago

Forgot to mention, I had already done the course in 2009, so I had to send in the certificate I received at the end of the course, otherwise you may have to do it again. I paid 300 euros for my course, all in French.


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Posted by steve the painter - 3 years ago

Deadline 19th December 2015 for registration at ” Greffe ( Office ) Tribunal de ” for commercial activity –  or “Chambre des Métiers” – for those considered as artisan .

“Peu de risques d’être sanctionné, donc … sauf en cas de contrôle de l’URSSAF ou de l’inspection du travail ! Si celui-ci intervient après le 19 décembre 2015, l’autoentrepreneur négligent s’exposerait alors à une amende de 4.500 euros”


This is from the forum on French Entrée........I just wonder if they will enforce this fine or not. I have just registered (it took three attempts) and the forms to include are as Lapin suggests, but make sure you tick every box and supply every form.......they are not at all flexible on this. It may be better just to pay the 65 euros and let them help you.


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Posted by Lapin-436112 - 3 years ago

Every AE needs to register (not liberals, just artisans and Commercants) new and already trading!

If you are new (2015) it will have to be done when you register or you have to do it within 1 month of becoming an AE, if you were already AE in 2014 then you have time untill December 19th.

you have to fill out form cerfa 15260*01 together with a bunch of other papers, this is the list from CCI:

-copy of pasport

-declaration sur l'honneur de non condamnation

-if married without contract: attestation du conjoin commun

-justificatif de domicile

as an artisan you will also have to take a cours and pay for it.

basicaly, AE will no longer excist, you will become Micro entrepreneur. If you do not register you will no longer be in business.

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Posted by Karen-381938 - 3 years ago

My husband is in the process of registering with the Chamber  of Commerce - we downloaded what we thought was the correct form and sent it in, but someone phoned from there this week to say it was the wrong form - not to worry, she is sending out the correct form and he just has to fill it in with the same details. The only other documents that he sent in were a copy of his passport and proof of address (a recent bill) and we also sent in a copy of the original certificate he got when he registered as an AE, showing his SIREN number. I asked if everything else apart from the form was correct and she said it was so presumably they won't need anything else once the right form has gone in.


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Posted by LVK56 - 3 years ago

Hi again,

according to the leaflet of actualities that was included with the last RSI payment form

the form no is Cerfa 15620 which you can download from www.service-public.fr

hope this helps, its all very confusing !!