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Auto entreprises

Posted by fruitbat22 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by corkyboy - 4 years ago

To answer your question you are better off to supply materials ,and you can supply them on the same invioce; let me explain,  lets imagine that you both supply and install a shower for a customer , and you quote him or her 500euros, you buy the shower for lets say 100 euros , that means that you have 400 euros to both make a profit and pay your cottisations, now I have checked this with the revenue,

as long as your customer is happly is shouldn't matter to him or her if the cost of the shower is 200 or 300 euros and the rest is the labour, but it makes a difference to you, and the amount of tax you pay and therefore your profit, you must of course keep your records, you simply list all your labour and parts you have supplied in your books and then at the appropriate time you enter your labour  called service in france and your part sales called marchandise in the correct section online and the programme will do the calculation for you. If you read the rear of a declaration you will see it clearly states if your activity involves sererval catogries you must list them seperatly.

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Posted by sophie hunton - 4 years ago

You can provide labour and provide materials but you need to mark up the materials by 50% minimum ,for example 100€ cost plus 50€ mark up x 13.3% = 19.95€ tax leaving 130€ 30€ to cover you going and getting gear and admin or you just mark up materials to cover cottisatoons or like quite a few do don't declare any sales just service ,its a bit of a grey area because you could buy the materials as a service to the client and make a small charge to cover this which would then be a service charge not profit.Why they cannot operate a similar system to the uk for businesses that turn over less than the vat threshold is beyond me,after all  if you encourage the little ones they sometimes grow into big ones,I look forward to the day when the state realises this.

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Posted by Lumbersexual-992851 - 4 years ago

Life is more straight forward and profitable when your a SARL.


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Posted by Foxie-986308 - 4 years ago

And where on earth do you get 33 per cent from? You never pay both rates on the same chunk of income.

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Posted by Foxie-986308 - 4 years ago

You really don't read my posts do you Pushkin.

I said, if you look - 2 separate invoices. One for services, at the appropriate percentage. One for reselling, at the appropriate percentage. Like you say, 'different cotisations to pay'.

What 'delivery' is, you're one up on me there. I've never heard of an AE category called 'delivery'. I thought there were just three categories and three rates - commercant, artisan and profession libérale.

2015 rates here http://www.federation-auto-entrepreneur.fr/node/11714, the figures you quoted are probably the 2014 rates but the it went down slightly as from 1.1.15, do keep up Pushkin :) 

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Posted by Pushkin-986745 - 4 years ago

Oh dear Foxie it doesn't work that way at all, depending on how you have declared your activity you can have diferent cotisations to pay ...Sales ie bits bought for the job is 15.10% services rendered is 26,30% , any other services (delivery) is 26.80% and then you have the  artisans training budget to pay at 0.30% 

So in reality you could be paying 33% of your turnover into the system and after paying for materials be left with a pitance ...

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Posted by Foxie-986308 - 4 years ago

Sorry I see what you're saying - you're ahead of me with the maths!

If, after paying for the materials and paying your cotisations on the amount you charged the customer, you have a profit, then that's your profit, for you to keep. You don't have to keep declaring the same income over and over again until there's nothing left!

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Posted by Foxie-986308 - 4 years ago

Not supplying materials if you can avoid it is the very best solution, keep doing that.

Otherwise you have to invoice them separately:

Once for labour on which you pay your 22.9, no trouble there.

Once for materials, on which you can then pay 13.9 since you are invoicing separately. Like all AE declarations it's not the profit you declare it's the amount you invoice for. In your example, you buy materials for 100€, you charge the customer 130€, you declare and pay cotisations on 130€. Which means that you need to put on at least a 13.9 per cent mark up for the customer. In your example you are I can't do the maths off the top of my head but in your example you might just have broken even, certainly you won't have made much profit. So supplying materials doesn't do the customer any favours because you have to up the markup, which in turn doesn't do you any favours because it makes you uncompetitive, the only person that does well out of it is Mr. Fisc et al because he collects his 13.9 per cent which he wouldn't get if the customer bought the materials himself.

If that makes sense.