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Autoentrepreneur declaring and paying online

Posted by Yasminh14 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Yasminh14 - 3 years ago

Reveuse, OK thanks, I think I will try making some phone calls and see if I can find out.  Just not quite sure who to phone.  I don't think I'm seeing problems that aren't there, I think the problem is that the website www.lautoentrepreneur.fr has not been updated so its examples are not current (these do definitely show a screen where you have to select your organisme - it shows a dropdown with all the regional RSI offices). 

There is definitely no problem with my registration.  Since I am an artisan I am registered with RSI, and the POSTAL form that I've received is from RSI in Plerin. However online, the only place you can now enter a bank account is when you click through to actually do your declaration (which takes you to the URSSAF website).  When I do this and set up the direct debit, it is automatically prefilled for URSSAF Bretagne, and not RSI.  This cannot be changed.  I can only assume that this is correct and that for online payments URSSAF handle them for RSI. 

If I can't get anywhere on the phone I'll either do the declaration online (since I've already started it) but put the amount to pay online to zero and send a cheque, or just set up the mandate as they provide it and let URSSAF take the payment.  As you say, I'll get a confirmation of payment so can prove that I have paid if there are any queries.

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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

The portal works very well. You're seeing problems that aren't there!

You don't have any choice in your 'organisme' - that info is entered automatically, based on your registration. If it really is showing the wrong one, then it is a problem with your registration that needs sorting out, it's not just a matter of changing who the payment goes to. But URSSAF and RSI do work closely together and I wouldn't be surprised if what it's showing is correct, maybe another artisan will confirm what it says on their form.

You can enter or change bank details at any time, right up to the day before the payment is taken. You can set it for all, or part or none of the amount to be taken from your bank, and pay all or part by cheque if you like. Just make sure that you indicate on the declaration how much is to be taken by prelevement - usually if you have bank details entered it defaults to the full amount but you can change it.

Don't worry, if your declaration form is there, just fill it in. Afterwards you will have an online record of all your previous declarations and the payments that have been taken, so if there is any confusion (which is unlikely) it's easy to look back at what happened.


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Posted by bluemitty - 3 years ago


Unfortunately I do not have very good french just learning to the site is very difficult to understand.


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Posted by Yasminh14 - 3 years ago

Hi crackeroo,

Unfortunately I already know all that you've written.  The problem is that when you register (which I did, via www.lautoentrepreneur.fr), the screenshots that they show in their examples for entering your bank details do not in reality exist any more.  There is no way to add your bank account from here, or choose your organisme to be paid.  When I log-in, my personal menu shows no option for adding a bank account.  And there is no form to send back to them by post, which the site says you should do. 

Only when you go through to declare is there an option for adding a bank account, and setting up the direct debit.  This is automatically prefilled for URSSAF, and not RSI (I am an artisan, so it should, I would have thought, be RSI).   And it says on it that you do not have to send this back to them. The site where you actually do your declaration is actually the URSSAF site, so I would imagine that they sort it all out.  They do after all have your details so must know where the money should go. 

I have been told that the new SEPA payment system only came into force in France last year, so I suspect that the lautoentrepreneur website is out of date with its info.  But I just don't know for sure.  Does anyone....?

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Posted by crackeroo - 3 years ago


I agree it can be confusing!  I presume you speak French so here is a useful link:


It depends whether you are commercant or artisant = RSI, or profession liberale = Urssaf.

I do it online via the autoentrepreneur website, here is the link:  http://www.lautoentrepreneur.fr/

Hope this helps. Once you have it up and running, it's very easy as it does all the calculations for you.  Don't forget that from January of this year, you need a bespoke bank account just for your professional activity.