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Autoentrepreneur training?

Posted by Yasminh14 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Yasminh14 - 4 years ago

I understand the point of the insurance, and of course I am not saying there should be different laws on a case by case basis.  But blanket rules for all cases are also ridiculous in my opinion, as they just don't apply for all people.  I feel that unless you are doing something that could potentially be dangerous and injure someone (hence builders insurance etc, which I perfectly agree with), it should be down to the individual to decide whether they feel it is necessary or not.  Other countries do not enforce these kinds of things by law, and it was never enforced here either until now it seems.  I know for a fact that in what I'm doing now, no such situation will ever arise.  If that changes in the future, then of course I would be quite willing to take insurance.  But for the moment, I should have the free choice to decide for myself.  It is after all my lookout if anything does go wrong, it should not be for the state enforce it.

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Posted by orme2 - 4 years ago

They can't make different laws for each case, though Yasminh14, however nice that would be.  They have to make rules which cover everyone whether they know their business well or not.  That's why there is insurance.  It applies to nearly every sort of insurance - it's there just in case.

When MOH had his own business, he had to be insured although he worked from home.  If you are not insured and something goes wrong, the 'wronged' party can claim against your assets.  The insurance avoids this.


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Posted by Yasminh14 - 4 years ago

Well Fashion1, that is obviously the way here in France, but quite frankly, doing a bit of translation work and updating spreadsheets for the company I used to work for, a company which I know inside out and vice versa, is not going to need insurance.  As far as I know, this used to be for building trades only previously.  I also think that as a new applicant, it definitely SHOULD be up to them to tell you your obligations at the point of applying.  As I applied after Jan 1st 2015, they should have advised me of all my obligations, not left it to me to find out for myself.  I don't call this good practice.

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Posted by Fashion1 - 4 years ago

New laws are published in "the journal" every month/week. It is not up to them to inform you of changes but for you to implement them.

As for insurance, what if you misplace 1 word or mis-spell a word and that causes money to be lost by your client and they sue you? What if your bedroom burns down or you have a burglary and important docs are stolen, again at loss to your clients.

New businesses have to do this. Established businesses have until the end of the year. to comply.

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Posted by Yasminh14 - 4 years ago

Thanks Pushkin, however, I believe that this is a new ruling starting from 1st January, see link below to a document which is on the lautoentrepreneur.fr website.  Although I am in a service industry, admin work is classified under the artisan umbrella, and therefore in theory it would seem that I am obliged to do this.


It also says at the bottom that artisans must have insurance, the details of which should be printed on all invoices!  What exactly should I, as a freelancer working at a computer in my bedroom, be insuring??!  It's rather rididulous I think.

Anyone got any thoughts or info on this?  I do wonder if I should just ignore it, since no-one has actually written to me telling me I need to do this....

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Posted by Pushkin-986745 - 4 years ago

Its a fact that companys are offering courses for ridiculous amounts of money but you don't need them at all . just  go to the local CCI office they will do your paperwork for you thay will also tell you how to keep your records etc , If you change afterwards they will bill you for the administration costs so don't register as an artisan as you are not building anything only doing a service industry job .