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Avocat Needed, Poor Workmanship

Posted by Clojou - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Pushkin-986745 - 4 years ago

We built an extension on our house in Corsica and the roofer did the same thing , he was difficult  so I just called his Decinal insurance and they came and fixed it all..

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Posted by agente securite - 4 years ago

Depends what your income is, you can get legal aid I have been to brest palais de grande instance didnt need a translator?! theres a good laywer in morlaix and one in carhaix they take payment plans

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Posted by jills-410170 - 4 years ago

I agree with the advice of 'countrydweller'. Involving avocats, court experts and the courts will lead to possibly years of waiting and thousands of euros in costs (speaking from personal experience).

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Posted by La Magdelaine - 4 years ago

Avocat route...up to 3 years waiting to go to Tribunal, Translator required even if your French is good to be paid for by you, Expert assigned by Tribunal to inspect work to be paid for by you mine cost 1300€...IF you win as I did the perp had no money so he paid by installments...almost 4 years of my life waiting & worrying that if I lost I would have to sell up to pay all the costs, Advocat took his money, Translator paid & I was left with the centimes...I won in principal & lost in money which cost me 3500 €uros & still had to pay to get the work put right so another 3000 €uros...NEVER AGAIN.

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Posted by Foxie-986308 - 4 years ago

I'm sure a mayor can't unilaterally take anybody's siret number away.

But having a word with the mayor isn't a bad idea, if you know him/her and if it's a smallish commune. Artisans are usually keen to stay in the mayor's good books because they want him/her to recommend them to newcomers who ask the mayor for recommendations, and also they don't want to spoil their chances of being offered work by the commune. So in the right context, a word from the mayor can make them jump. However if it's not a local artisan, and your mayor is unlikely to recommend him or give him any commune jobs in any case, then it won't work.

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Posted by bijou1 - 4 years ago

I had a major problem a few years ago.  Though about lawyers, etc.  In the end I went to our Maire.  He had the power to take his enterprise number away.  He was there the next day.  So go to your Maire first before you pay out any money. 

Hope this helps.

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Posted by Tregadilet - 4 years ago

As Foxie said, You need to have "Legal insurance" before getting a "Lawyer" here for most things, the "No win No Fee" system does not exist  here either. We had our garden  wall demolished by a HGV 10 years and we found out that unless you had legal insurance, no Advocat would take you on to make a claim on your behalf.    Our legal insurance  now costs us 50 Euros a year and is peace of mind for ones self.

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Posted by Foxie-986308 - 4 years ago

This kind of situation is exactly what assurance juridique is for. If you don't have it, get it - for next time.

As said, involving an avocat will cost you a lot of money, there's nothing he can do that you can't do yourself if you put your mind to it, and you are more motivated to get on with it and try and get a quick result before more damage is done. 

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Posted by countrydweller - 4 years ago

The 10 year gaurantee is not provided by the roofer himself but by the 10 year insurance policy that he takes out and that you should have seen and copied.This is of course assuming that he has it.

The first thing I would do is to contact him preferably by LRAR requeting that he provides you with his 10 year policy in order that you can make a claim and give him a date by which you require the details.Check the devis /facture that he gave you ;it should have a SIRET no if not try to find out if he is properly registered to carry out the work.Also check to see if your house insurance has "assurance juridique" which may be able to help.Do not involve an avocat unless you have bottomless pockets

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Posted by Emu-408495 - 4 years ago

Have you spoken to your house insurance agent?  They may be able to help you providing you have the appropriate cover in your policy.