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Beware Fake Census Officers

Posted by luap1 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by bigphil71 - 3 years ago

I agree re Connexion. Its not a publication I subscribe to as scaremongering seems to be the order of the day. 

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Posted by Ozzy Mandias - 3 years ago

The only useful thing in that article is the link to tell you whether your commune is due the census this year. The rest is scaremongering. Not uncommon in this publication IMHO.

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Posted by orme2 - 3 years ago

The girl who came to our house had an official card and another badge on a ribbon around her neck and carried a file and papers.  She was alone, and didn't even come into the house.  She handed over the paper and gave us the numbers we need for an on line declaration.


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Posted by stonedecroze - 3 years ago

I agree plouyepaul......

We are forever seeing postings warning about this scam and that scam which, frankly, only an idiot would fall for in the first place. People must use common sense and take back some responsibility for their own actions, fortunes and futures.

Of course, on the other hand, governments are quite happy to have dumbed down people living in fear......much easier to control.

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Posted by plouyepaul - 3 years ago

I have visited the above link and it appears somewhat erroneous!

Here's the first paragraph:

Police are warning people to be on their guard as they believe burglars could use this year's French census as an opportunity to get into people's homes. - See more at: http://www.connexionfrance.com/beware-fake-census-officers-police-17651-view-article.html#sthash.LycfJ9L7.dpuf

I think the word COULD is the clue here. I could say 'Beware someone could do this or that' and I do believe there has been some EVIDENCE to suggest this has already ocurred but is it really a threat or just more fear mongering amongst the police community?

I honestly belive people are becoming too reliant on such threats, maybe common sense should prevail. If someone comes to your home purporting to be an official of any kind is it obvious that care should be taken, ID asked for and checked. If in doubt call the number that should appear on the ID, if they haven't run off by this time I think it's safe to assume they are genuine. Does this mean they won't steal from you - NO it doesn't. I assume people are honest until they prove me wrong but I would watch any stranger I invite into my home like a hawk.