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Brittany Ferries refund

Posted by shaddy-409939 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 3 years ago

I received a text the previous night and again on Monday morning,informing me of the diversion,not a problem to drive a bit further,also had an email apologizing for the inconvenience and £35 refunded onto my card.I think that is very acceptable,well done B/F.sabc15.

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Posted by Picklelilly - 3 years ago

And to give all those that are bothered about Gods way with the weather that the crossing from Plymouth to Roscoff on Friday leaving at 11pm will be arriving into St Malo now .

i would hate for anyone to start another thread on Saturday saying they have not been informed by BF  when we just have !

All these acts of God must be playing havoc with the religious types right now but at least you have ample chance to get your claims in , in advance .

dont want you missing out as 31 hours notice is rather short !


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Posted by PamandAndrew-390752 - 3 years ago

Didn't LD stop one of their routes as they didn't make any money...maybe the fares were too low? I'm not supporting BF particularly but they are very convenient...I'm just arguing the case that they're a business and can basically do what they want and I can take it or leave it. I sell things and my customers have a simple choice as to whether to buy or not and I'm happy with this...I have a 'monopoly' on certain products in France but there are ways around it, a bit more long winded but that's a decision some take...drive a bit further and get a lower price!

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Posted by buster-784461 - 3 years ago

The boats are not there in the winter because they would be empty!

If you only have uk visitors for gites you need to refresh your advertising.

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Posted by rance-781573 - 3 years ago


So without knowing of the  business affairs and indeed how the fares are worked out by B.F , you state they could lower their prices. So on that basis, so could gite owners.  I have never known a gite owner lower theirs (of course there might be a rare owner somewhere in France who keeps their prices the same all year!)  Where was LD going to moor their boat in St Malo, there is the one bay for ferries that I am aware of, I might be wrong?

When anyone sets up a gite business in Brittany, they already know that B.F are the only local (ish) company to use. They can't complain later that BF are affecting their business surely? We has gites and B&B  in Brittany and I can say in all honesty that we made sure what we were letting was as good as we could make them. We knew that ferry costs in high summer were expensive but we still got sufficient enough clients throughout the mid and peak periods. I think that B.F offer a service to suit the supply (i.e clients) why would anyone want to run a ferry service during periods of extremely low demand, so why would another company want to run a service that had those problems. Look at the companies that have come and gone at Le Havre, Boulogne , Calais plus Dunkirk, it is not as simple as writing a letter to complain about pricing, whilst companies come and go, B.B still offer an all round service form one or more of their ports.

 As for special offers, many commerces offer these when time is quiet but they need the higher price periods (or items) to survive.

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Posted by airpo - 3 years ago

I'm pretty sure that the directors get their big fat pay cheques as well.   They could lower their prices permanently rather than just run special offers.   I know that LD Lines (DFDS) enquired 4 or 5 years ago about using St Malo but the council refused.   I’ve worked for quite a number of Gite owners in Brittany and they all have said that BF fares in the summer hurts their business. I know most of our Gite clients use the short crossings.   I do use BF and in fact I have to take a caravan back to the UK over Christmas but have to drive to Caen because of their lack of service from St Malo this month, so feel that if they don’t want to offer a service, they should let someone who does at least give it a try.

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Posted by hobbyvanman - 3 years ago

You are lucky you did not book Condor they change routes, ships and cancel at the drop of a hat.  No refunds or expression of regret just take it or leave it.  For folks in the Channel Islands we have no choice except to fly and leave the car at home.

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Posted by PamandAndrew-390752 - 3 years ago

It's good to know the money is going to the staff rather than in big fat pay cheques to the directors. I'm happy to learn that they're well paid and hopefully know what they're doing, it's a responsible job. I think the majority of people employed in France are on pretty good contracts, it's a socialist country!

BF do seem to have plenty of offers, not too sure what else they could do to fill the boats apart from encouraging French people to visit Britain. I'm sure the current exchange rate will boost numbers coming from the UK

I've not actually heard of a company that wants to run ferries on these routes, it's easy to say they're being stopped but who are 'they'

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Posted by thewildone - 3 years ago

But we chose this life in France and yeah maybe drawn by cheap property prices and less stressful way of life ( sometimes) but we need BF to get us back and forth mostly and have to adhere to them.

I dont see anyone moaning about other sky high costs of living in France here but happy to target BF over their service even though no matter what , they get you from A 2 B when they can,subject to weather of course and maintenance issues they have to do.

Its ok moaning about lack of ferries in the winter but if the boat broke down in the middle of the ocean because of them not doing the works in the winter to maintain their boats and to suit those that demand more services and you were stuck for hours floating around you would be moaning again over that!!

At the end of the day they do what they can , i have not always been happy with them sometimes but they get me to where i need to be and accomodate where they can and for that im grateful to them.

If you are not happy then dont use them and maybe you should of thought better when moving to France that you would sometimes struggle to get back and forth...for that i say MAKE YOUR OWN WAY!




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Posted by airpo - 3 years ago

The main reason there is no competition is that BF and the local councils won't allow another operator to use the ports.

I know some of their engineering staff and the, to put it mildly, generous contracts they're on is certainly one reason 'they're not hugely profitable'.

The concept of reducing their fares to actually fill up the boats is completely unknown to them but I guess that might mean they would have to work.